Cafe culture is a way of life in Bali. Local coffees, good chats and epic views are all part of the package.

Up north, Kintamani is a secluded mountainside village blessed with beautiful views, a chillier climate, and local vibes.

The area is home to some of Bali’s coffee bean plantations, where most of the island’s coffee comes from!

When it comes to a fresh brew, Kintamani’s coffee is no average cup of joe. It is liquid gold that you can sip while admiring panoramic volcano views and snacking on gluten-free treats.

Combined with Bali’s reputation for healthy food and cool vibes, cafes in Kintamani are in a league of their own.

Top 10 Cafes in Kintamani

Calling all caffeine fans and foodie adventurers, this is a list of the top 10 best cafes in the village of Kintamani.

AKASA Speciality Coffee

Everyday 5:30 AM-7:00 PM
+62 819-9955-9000
Penelokan Main Rd No.777, Central Batur, Kintamani

AKASA Speciality Coffee

Starting with a bang, if there is one coffee shop you can’t miss in Kintamani, it’s AKASA Speciality Coffee.

It’s set on the cliffs of the village, overlooking the mystical Mount Batur and the luscious valley below.

If you can’t secure yourself a spot on the outdoor terrace, the boho-chic interiors are just as pleasing. All in all, I’d even go so far as to say this is the most Instagrammable cafe in Kintamani.

Above the clouds, AKASA serves single-origin Kintamani coffee, along with a selection of seasonal Western-inspired dishes.



Everyday 6:00 AM-7:00 PM
+62 813-5385-7613
Jl. Raya Penelokan, Kintamani


Rumor has it that Tegukopi serves one of the best brunches in the land.

Overlooking exquisite views of Mount Batur, this Kintamani cafe has simple yet stylish interiors with warm lighting and industrial touches.

Do yourself a favor and order the chocolate drizzled churros with a cold brew to wash it down with. They serve some of the most authentic gelato in Bali!

I’m a big fan of the pancake stack and a classic cafe latte – it’s the ultimate sweet combo.


El Lago

Everyday 6:00 AM-7:00 PM
+62 878-8453-0150
Penelokan Main Rd No.899, South Batur, Kintamani

El Lago

With aesthetic interiors, good views, and a laid-back atmosphere, El Lago is next up on the Kintamani cafe list.

Named after the stunning lake it overlooks, the eatery is best known for its delicious Japanese food.

The vibe is modern and chic, with lots of white and glass accents. But just like most cafes in Kintamani, it’s the views that really steal the show.

Choose from sushi, noodle bowls, and tempura prawns, or indulge in a deliciously sweet breakfast to start the day. The lotus croissant ice cream and tropical brioche french toast take the cake!


Montana Del Cafe Bali

Everyday 6:00 AM-7:00 PM
+62 812-3723-6716
Penelokan Main Rd No.889, South Batur, Kintamani

Montana Del Cafe Bali

Montana Del Cafe is a humble coffee shop serving delicious comfort food overlooking the sweeping vistas of Mount Batur.

The morning views are the best, but if you stop by around lunch time be sure to try out their iconic Caesar salad.

Set up on the breezy terrace for a front-row view of the landscapes, sip your local coffee in total, heavenly bliss.


La Vista Coffee & Roastery

Everyday 6:00 AM-6:00 PM
+62 813-3819-3588
Central Batur, Kintamani

La Vista Coffee & Roastery

High in demand for its fresh roasted coffee and incredible views, La Vista Coffee and Roastery is set above the clouds overlooking Mount and Lake Batur.

In fact, this spot doubles as a glamping accommodation, where you can even wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee!

La Vista serves up delicious local Indonesian cuisine, including rice classics, stir-fried vegetables, and cooked whole fish.

The interiors are simple, but the views and low prices are the star of the show.


Eco Bike Coffee Kintamani

Everyday 5:30 AM-8:00 PM
Penelokan Main Rd, South Batur, Kintamani

Eco Bike Coffee Kintamani

Curated for the cycling and coffee-loving community, Eco Bike is a great place to refresh in Kintamani.

Set in a stylish, contemporary glass building with panoramic views of the Kintamani Valley and mountains, the cafe is the perfect pit stop for cyclers in the area.

Through breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Eco Bike Coffee serves tasty snacks, simple western dishes, cakes, and pastries – of course, paired with the best quality coffee from Kintamani.



Everyday 6:00 AM-8:00 PM
+62 889-2172-359
Penelokan Main Rd, South Batur, Kintamani


Styled to look like a mid-century tropical cafe, Paperhills features pink mosaic tiling, warm wooden furnishings, and rattan lighting. It’s as Instagrammable as it gets.

It’s one of the only cafes in the area with a swimming pool, for more of a beach club atmosphere with vibes just as good as its views.

Choose from homemade pizzas, a selection of pastries and cakes, and a Western-inspired menu to enjoy whilst lounging by the pool.


Ritatkala Cafe

Everyday 6:00 AM-6:00 PM
+62 819-9943-7179
Jl. Raya Kintamani, Batur Sel., Kec

Ritatkala Cafe

Ritatkala Cafe is a one-stop-shop for quality eats and flowing coffee. The cafe is a humble yet beautiful space with a down-to-earth vibe and even more chilled views.

Floor-to-ceiling industrial windows will make you feel like you are one with nature, even in the middle of a rainstorm or on a cool evening.

The cafe is open from 6am to 6pm and serves plenty of tasty halal dishes.

While they do serve food like chicken sandwiches and burgers, I recommend opting for the traditional Balinese fare. Order the crispy fried bananas and nasi goreng, you can thank me later.


Okuta Bali

Everyday 8:00 AM-7:00 PM
+62 878-4958-0650
Penelokan Main Rd, Central Batur, Kintamani

Okuta Bali

One of the most impressive cafes in Kintamani, the interiors at Okuta Bali will have you snapping pics left, right and center.

The ultra-modern cafe is designed to impress, with abstract architectural features so unique you have to see them in person to believe them.

The food is just as aesthetic as the cafe itself, serving comforting and eye-pleasing dishes. Topping the list are a range of organic salads and soups inspired by local produce from the region and indulgent cakes and treats to finish.

Wash that down with a cup of specialty coffee, and you’re good to go.


Pahdi Speciality Coffee

Everyday 9:00 AM-7:00 PM
+62 878-5547-6958
Penelokan Main Rd, Central Batur, Kintamani

Pahdi Speciality Coffee

Never underestimate the effect a good cup of coffee can have on your day.

Pahdi Speciality Coffee prides itself on its friendly service and good quality eats. With a tropical modern concept, set across 2-levels with wooden touches, the entire space is designed to wow.

Balancing fine dining with casual eating, the menu offers tastes from rice pilafs to black sticky rice pudding and soft shell crab salad.

Final Thoughts

There aren’t too many tropical destinations that can compete with Bali’s cafe culture. With a reputation for amazing health food, you’ll be overwhelmed with gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and raw options across the island.

The village of Kintamani is most known for its coffee plantations and mountain views. Combined together the cafes in Kintamani are a dream come true for getting your caffeine fix.


Featured image: Eco Bike Coffee Kintamani