The needs of daily life are becoming easier to fulfill thanks to online shopping.

You just sit back, open a website or e-commerce app, like Shopee, and have a browse for the item you want to buy.

Payment is super easy and instant! Like we needed another reason to shop..

In Indonesia, Shopee is one of the most popular online shopping apps.

Many well-known Indonesian or global brands have official stores on the app, so you can trust you are getting legit products.

Offering some of the best shopping promos in Indonesia, and super easy to use, Shopee is a great way to get your retail therapy fix without leaving home. 

Here is everything you need to know for using Shopee!

Setting Up an Account

New users on Shopee will need to setup an account. Here are the simple steps for being able to shop on Shopee: 

1. Visit

Make sure the domain ends in ‘’. This will take you to the Indonesian version. There are also other SE Asian country options. 

2. On the top right, there is the option to change languages. It is easy to switch between Indonesian and English. 

3. Still on the top right of the page, there is a Sign Up option.

You will be taken to a page where you can register with your phone number, or using a Facebook or Google account. 

4. Click on your profile icon, and select My Account.

Here you can change your personal information such as name, address, bank details and password. 

Shopping on Shopee

Time to get shopping! Shopee has everything you can imagine, and you can easily search in English! 

1. On the main page there is a search bar where you can look for what you need – or want 😉 

2. Enter keywords to find the item you are looking for, you can also enter a specific brand.

The search bar will offer up some similar options which may be what you are looking for! 

3. On the search results page, sponsored stores will appear at the very top.

Below, you can sort the results by relevance based on Latest, Top Sales and Prices options.

On the left hand side of the page, you can also apply filters based on Payment Options, Shipped from, Category, Price Range, Shop Type, Rating and others.

You can cater your shopping experience to your preferences! 


4. Found what you want? On the product page, select Buy Now, desired Shipping Options, use Shopee Vouchers and Shopee Coins, and select desired Payment Method then Place Order.

Payment Methods

Shopee supports a total of 13 payment options.

There are online payment platform options (like ShopeePay and GoPay), cash on delivery, bank transfer, credit/debit card and PayLater.

Even if you don’t have a local bank account, there is a way to make your payment both on the website or in the app.

How to Find a Reliable Shop on Shopee

Shopee is famous for its selection of stores with low prices, but don’t use price as the main benchmark for buying. 

Here are some tips for finding a reliable Shopee store:

  1. Select by Store Type. There are four types of stores available; standard store, Shopee Premium (which offer products from premium beauty and fashion brands), Shopee Mall (with official brands and genuine goods), Star+ and Star (stores with good store performance and sales).
  2. Pay attention to the last time the shop was online, the duration of the order process, buyer reviews, photos and videos sent by customers.
  3. Check the store. Not only take a close look at the product you want, but also check the seller’s store. On the seller’s page there is information that highlights Chat Performance, Reputation Level (indicated by a badge), number of Followers, Join duration and so on.

Top Tips for Shopping on Shopee

  • Pay attention to the name, description, and picture of the product you are going to buy in detail – especially if the product needs a specific size, color and weight
  • View store ratings, products and review history. The higher the rating, the better. But ,also pay attention to photos and videos sent by buyers as reviews
  • Do not provide proof of purchase transactions, such as transfer receipts that include your personal identity, to any party other than Shopee
  • Only make a purchase or return transaction through the official Shopee app or website
  • Compare prices from several stores in the same area. First, use a regional filter, enter a keyword and search. When the search results come out, compare prices and follow the previous tips to find the best price
  • Shop on a twin date like 9.9 (Sept 9). Every month on twin dates, Shopee has huge promos! 
  • Take advantage of ShopeePay’s e-wallet. You can top up using your international card, or top up a minimum of IDR 10,000 at an ATM, internet banking or in an Alfamart.
  • Use vouchers for free shipping and discounted prices. In addition to twin dates, Shopee also has daily promos that you can find at
  • Collect points that can be exchanged for purchase transactions. The methods vary from checking in daily, to giving a review on the products you have purchased


The Shopee app is available on Google Play (Android) and Play Store (iOs).