The phenomenon of digital nomads choosing Bali as their office is nothing new. Even before the pandemic, some of the foreign tourists visiting were nomads. 

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, Bali is ready to become a workcation destination

Which is great news, but a good internet connection will be vital to its success.

For work, communicating with family, translating words that you find on the streets of Bali – a lot of travel problems are fixed with the internet. 

So the important question is, is the internet in Bali good?

Is the Internet in Bali Good?

Compared to just a few years ago, the internet in Bali has vastly improved. Your followers will be able see the stunning tropical sunset on your Instagram story, in real time.

The internet speeds may not be the fastest, but are growing significantly. Especially as Bali is a dream destination for digital nomads, both domestically and internationally, the government sees the need for the internet speeds to keep increasing. 

Almost all areas in Bali are reached with a local 4G network, unless you are really off the grid. 

In the south, there is a pretty decent connection everywhere compared to the north or central Bali.

WiFi is available in almost all public spots like cafes and beach clubs, but don’t expect much from the speed. 

How to Get Good Internet in Bali

Now for the good stuff, here is how to get good internet in Bali. 

Use Public WiFi

From the immigration hall to the baggage claim and in every hotel, hostel and villa, WiFi is available all over the island.

With pretty impressive speeds, you can get the basic tasks done but don’t expect to be streaming Netflix.

If you are planning to do any banking on a public WiFi, be sure to use a VPN to keep your stuff safe.

Get a Local SIM Card

The easiest way to have internet in Bali is to get your own local SIM card.

These are very widely available, however there are a few hurdles to get over.

Firstly, your phone will need to have a registered IMEI number. This can be done at the airport on arrival, or if you purchased your phone in Indonesia it’s all ready to go.

Secondly, you will need to register your SIM. If you have a KITAS or stay permit, you can do it in your own name. Otherwise you will need a local friends assistance.

Lastly, find the right provider, coverage and package. There are TONS of options, and finding the right one will be a case of browsing the offerings.

The best phone providers in Indonesia; 

  • Telkomsel – it is slightly more expensive than the others, but is said to have the fastest internet speed. They also reach wider, more remote areas. Telkomsel has a prepaid starter pack for tourists!
  • XL – has a fast internet connection, and similar prices to Telkomsel.
  • Indosat Ooredoo – is popularly used by young people as it has cheaper options for its internet package.

WiFi Internet Service Providers

If you are planning an extended stay on the island and want to set up your own WiFi, these are the most recommended providers;

  • Biznet – Biznet currently covers 80% of Bali with a bandwidth up to 250 Mbps, and unlimited quota.
  • FirstMedia – has fast, cheap, and unlimited home internet package services, as well as the best HD quality subscription cable TV options in Indonesia.
  • Indihome – Indihome has internet packages starting from Rp.200,000. Covering the majority of the island, its a great, affordable all-rounder.
  • BaliFiber – is 100% fiberoptic. Usually used by corporations, it’s a perfect option for a coliving setup.
  • GlobalXtreme – is one of oldest providers in Bali. It has a powerful and reliable service via both fiber and wireless infrastructure.

Portable WiFi

Thanks to increasingly sophisticated technology, you can take your WiFi anywhere! 

Pocket WiFis are ideal for those who go out and about.

Javamifi is one of the best mifiproviders in Indonesia and can be rented or bought. A digital nomads dream! 

Final Thoughts

Good internet in Bali isn’t hard to come by.

Whether you want it on hand or in your home, there are so many providers and options – take your pick!