Kinship Studio Bali

Coworking Space
Minimalist & Spacious
Everyday 9:00 AM-8:00 PM
+62 877 8537 8176
Gg. Jalak VIB No.4, Tibubeneng

Neutral colours, simple furnishings and great amenities make Kinship Studio Bali one of the best coworking places to base your working hours in Canggu.

Located in the heart of Berawa, the studio is peaceful and muted where you can dive deep into your own tasks while meeting other nomads and remote workers.

There are communal working desks, private setups and a photo studio for those creative types who need a space to let their creativity run wild. The simple design and minimal distractions makes it perfect for those who want to get down to business before heading out to explore the island.

Kinship Studio hosts events like yoga sessions, sip and paint classes, writing classes, meditation sessions and more to help you find some Kinship pals and get more into Bali life. There is even a ceramics studio that holds lessons and events!

Relax, learn, unwind and grind.