Coworking Space
Modern & Luxurious
Jl. Sri Wedari No.24, Tegallalang, Kecamatan Ubud

Parq is a huge community space in Ubud that has become the heart of all things co-working, entrepreneurial and social. The modern sprawling space is filled with co-working desks, private offices, a restaurant and on-site accommodations, as well as a wellness and fitness centre!

Ideal for someone based in Ubud, or those travelling through, Parq has a strong community spirit where you can get to know other remote workers and meet interesting folk.

Hidden away from the heart of Ubud, but remaining just a short drive away, it is the perfect working space for a quiet digital nomad or entrepreneur looking to work in peace, or hold some important meetings. With a membership you gain access to the modern amenities, get additional discounts for the other facilities, and become part of an online community that will offer you support for any work – or personal – endeavours.

Parq holds incredible and diverse weekly events including kids cooking classes, shopping bazaars of local independent brands and yoga sessions.

A place where creatives can meet with investors, digital nomads can get down to business, and solo travellers can make new friends and connections, Parq is a great all-rounder with something to offer everyone who stops by.