Sun-Thurs 6PM - 11PM / Fri-Sat 5PM - 12:30PM
Canggu & Seminyak

Canggu – Jl. Tanah Barak No.1e

Seminyak – Jl. Petitenget No.1a

Bali is bustling with amazing Italian restaurants that whisk you off the island and onto the cobblestone streets of Naples. However, none of them do it quite as confidently and magnificently as Sa’Mesa.

Located off the main street of Canggu, in a quiet borough, Sa’Mesa has a motto – ‘come as strangers, leave as friends’. With one large dining table and one dinner serving per night, it is hard not to get enveloped in the feeling of family that you will have when dining over the impressive 22 course menu with your neighbours. If you are looking for tasty, wholesome, authentic Italian cuisine – just like Nonna’s – this is the place to go.

Through the course of the grand feast you will be served delicious wines, simple yet delicious plates, all to the backing track of some great music. Stop halfway for a mid-meal intermission to stretch your legs and get ready for even more delightful dishes to be served. You will end the night with new friends, new favourite flavours, and a real longing for home.

If you aren’t in the mood for such a big social experience, but would still like to try the unforgettable magic of the food, lunchtime is a good time to stop by. There’s no booking required and you get an equally as exquisite menu – including filled to the brim baguettes!

Italian owned, cooked and inspired, every part of dining at Sa’Mesa will leave you wanting more. Whether you are trying it out with friends, or wanting to meet some new likeminded folk, you are sure to leave full, satisfied and incredibly happy!