Rumah Pohon Tree house Molenteng

Unique & Rustic
Pejukutan, Nusa Penida, Klungkung Regency

As seen on Instagram, Rumah Pohon is a real island escape. An ultra-simple and rustic treehouse, its the location rather than the home itself that draws in the visitors. Sitting just steps from the edge of a cliff, towering above the tropical landscape, it is a stunning setting for a romantic getaway where you want to avoid the crowds and stay somewhere unique.

If you are looking for serene place where you can enjoy the magical scenery of Nusa Penida, Rumah Pohon is the perfect spot.

The quaint treehouse features only a bed and sleeping necessities, really taking it back to basics. For those who love roughing it in nature, or someone who is willing to go without luxuries for the unbelievable location, Rumah Pohon is so much better than you can imagine.

Wake up early to catch magnificent sunrises, and enjoy a drink as the sun dips into the ocean – the landscape is beautiful and breathtaking all-day long.

There are a total of 3 treehouses on the property, so although you won’t have complete exclusivity, you will have your own rustic treehouse and undisturbed views of the ocean and small surrounding islands. Just a short walk from a close-by local warung, you can dig into delicious meals of nasi goreng in absolute paradise.

A stay at Rumah Pohon should be at the top of your bucket list during a Nusa Penida adventure.