Everyone knows about the Bali sunsets and where to watch them, but the sunrises are VERY under rated.

From the beachfront in Sanur or on the hillside in Ubud, catching a colorful, awe inspiring sunrise is a very special way to start your day.

Keep on reading to discover the most magnificent places to watch a stunning sunrise in Bali.

Best Sunrise Spots in Bali

You can see the sunrise from anywhere in Bali, especially if you can find a spot higher up. But for something truly magical, these are the places to head for sunrise.

#1 Pinggan Village, Kintamani

You can start your journey to see sunrise at Pinggan Village the day before, with plans to stay in the scenic, simple campsite Pinggan Sunrise Glamping.

At the centre of the island in rural Kintamani, Pinggan is a traditional Balinese village that resides in the shadow of Mount Batur – one of Bali’s volcanos.

For the incredible sunrise views you don’t need to go far. Set up on one of the benches with a cup of coffee, or dangle your feet over the edge of the seating nook and await the views.

A truly special setting, it is perfect for a romantic moment with your partner.


#2 Mount Batur

Watching sunrise from the top of Mount Batur is probably one of the most well known views of Bali’s sunrise.

Waking up before dawn, you can hike up the side of the volcano with a trusted, trained guide, reaching the peak before the show begins.

With a hot tea and boiled egg in hand, catch the undisturbed, outstanding sight of the sun poking out from behind the horizon and creeping up into the sky.

You don’t need to be a pro hiker, or even a good one, to enjoy this experience. Just be sure to have good shoes and a strong resolve.


#3 Bukit Campuhan, Ubud

Campuhan Ridge is one of the popular walking trails in Ubud with beautiful tropical views and luscious surroundings.

An easy, low-energy walk, you can immerse in beautiful nature as you wander from the bottom to top. It is by far one of the best things to do in Ubud if you have the chance.

Head to the ridge walk before the sun is up and you can explore the level path as the sun rises and a foggy light spreads across the island.

Breathtakingly magical and intimate, listen to the birds wake up and see the island swing into action.

At the top of the ridge walk you will find Warung Bukit Campuhan which is open from 6AM for a hearty breakfast.


#4 Sanur Beach

Want something a little bit more chill and relaxed? Watching sunrise in Bali from the beachfront is an incredibly calm and tranquil way to start your day.

Sanur beach has the best view of the island sunrise, with stunning views of the sun rising from the ocean and into the clouds.

Set yourself up on the sand with a sarong and hot tea, or dip your toes in the water as the world begins to awake. The water is normally pretty calm around the morning hours, so it is usually safe.


#5 Bukit Asah, Karangasem

Hidden away on the east coast in Karangasem, Asah Hill is a truly stunning spot to catch sunrise in Bali.

You can camp right on the hill, for a minimal fee + tent rental, and be able to wake up just in time to witness the sky lighting up and the sun slowly moving up into the sky.

Still a hidden gem from the tourists of Bali, Asah Hill is most often visited by locals – get there before it becomes too well known!


#6 Atuh Beach, Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is another stunning spot to watch sunrise, with incredible views of far-off small islands and magnificent cliff sides.

From the beachfront to the clifftops, there are many different places to catch the outstanding sight. Atuh Beach is one of the most famous, with the azure ocean and beautiful cliffs in view.

If you are exploring Nusa Penida and have the chance, be sure to see sunrise!


#7 Beratan Lake, Bedugul

Lake Beratan in Bedugul is an iconic sight in Bali, with the magnificent temple sitting on the water and Mount Beratan looming over.

A special place to head for sunrise, you can enjoy a mix of views including the majestic temple, incredible reflections of the mountain in the lake and, of course, the sunrise itself.

Opening from 5AM on a Saturday, it is a prime location to see the beautiful island sunrise. Be sure to dress modestly if you plan to enter the temple.


#8 Lempuyang Temple, Karangasem

Another famous spot in Bali, Lempuyang Temple is home to the picturesque Gates of Heaven that are often spotted all over Instagram.

On the side of a mountain, with a decent hike to get up, you will want to head out to see sunrise here pretty early.

The temple opens from 6AM, where you’ll see light taking over the skies with the foggy clouds and intense mountain views behind.

An unbelievable view in a super special, holy place, there is nothing quite like a sunrise in one of Bali’s Hindu temples.


#9 Lake Tamblingan, Munduk

Lake Tamblingan is a relatively unknown place, nestled away in incredible Munduk at the heart of the island.

Featuring a classic Hindu temple and beautiful luscious surroundings, it is a peaceful and serene spot to head for sunrise in Bali.

Although you won’t catch the view of the sun rising from the horizon, you will get to see the sky changing colours, and the sun popping up from behind the treetops.


#10 Jatiluwih, Tabanan

The UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, Jatiluwih is known for its sprawling rice terraces and landscape views. It is also a spectacular place to see sunrise.

From the top of the terraces, you can look out over the vast expanse of rolling rice paddies and trees, all the way until Mount Batukaru and the mountain range on the horizon.

Watch the sun can a peak out over the mountaintops, and watch the world flood with light.

Jatiluwih is a really remarkable place to start a day in Bali.


#11 Bukit Cinta, Karangasem

See a truly outstanding view of Mount Agung during sunrise from the viewpoint on Bukit Cinta.

Across the landscapes of rice paddies, trees and lakes, you can see each detail of the mountain come to life as the sun rises.

Photographers especially will find this an incredible place to watch sunrise in Bali.


#12 Bukit Batu Madeg Songan

From Batu Madeg you can see nearly the entire mountain range including Mount Batur, Mount Abang and Lake Batur.

You can camp, or glamp, in the area to avoid a super early wake up call. At spots like Bukitsari Sunrise Glamping and Alengkong Camp you just need to open your door to see the views.


#13 Amed Beach

Along the east coast of the island, Amed has the best sunrise views in Bali, especially if you head out onto the water.

In a quaint traditional fishing boat, you can watch the sun rise up from the ocean, and head up into the sky. The colours reflected onto the water and the chilly air turning warm makes for a truly magical experience.

You can head out for a day of snorkelling, or head back to the beach for breakfast in the sun, after a beautiful sunrise the day is your oyster.


#14 Mount Agung

We’ve already seen sunrise peaking out from around Mount Batur and Mount Beratan, now its Mount Agung’s turn.

Gungung Agung (great mountain) is the tallest point in Bali, and a significant point in the island’s landscape. Surrounded by tropical nature, it is a magnificent sight to see any time of day.

For a sunrise view, you can head to nearby viewpoints or to the valley below to catch the shadow of the mountain light up as the sun awakens.

It’s a mystifying, humbling sight.

Final Thoughts

Need a reason to get up early during your Bali holiday? There you have 14 reasons!

Sunset is so last year, in 2024 we are getting up and doing the MOST to make our Bali days PHENOMENAL.

Featured image: Mount Agung