You’ve got your tickets, began packing your bags and have started your MUST-GO list in Bali.

Forgetting something?

You should never head off on a trip without travel insurance, and Bali is no exception.

Making sure you are covered for any mishaps, accidents or problems will give you peace of mind as you explore and immerse in the culture of the island.

For those who need a helping hand, keep on reading to find out what travel insurance is best for you!

Do I Need Travel Insurance for Bali?

Short answer: Yes! Travel insurance when traveling to Bali is a MUST! 

We will preach that Bali is a safe place to visit for every type of traveler until the cows come home. However, there will always be those few rare occasions where you need a helping hand.

The most common issues to happen in Bali are motorcycle accidents, food poisoning, sports or adventure incidents, theft, and natural disasters. Completely unplanned and unpredictable, you can’t really plan what you would do in these circumstances, which is exactly where travel insurance comes in handy. 

The hospitals and health facilities in Bali can be incredibly expensive. Of a Western standard, with specialists of all kinds, you can find amazing help, but it comes at a price.

Having a well-rounded travel insurance will also cover any pre-travel problems like flight cancellations or amendments. 

Make your trip as carefree and enjoyable as possible with a decent travel insurance ready to cover any problems that may occur!

Risks in Bali

Among the sprawling landscapes, beautiful accommodations and tropical wildlife, adventures await. 

No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen! And you want to be prepared in case they do.

Motorbike Accidents

Motorcycles are the fastest mode of transportation in Indonesia.

Easy mobility and reasonable rental prices make it tempting for tourists to take to the streets on a motorbike too. But poor road conditions and driver indiscretion can cause unwanted accidents.

By having travel insurance, medical bills will be handled so you can focus on the healing process and not worry about exorbitant hospital fees, doctor fees and drugs.

Top tip: wear a helmet and be sure you are covered up. Driving in Bali is a skill – it will take some practice!

Sports or Excursion Accidents

Beach days are a must, but sometimes you want adrenaline-pumping activities like surfing, hiking or snorkeling while in Bali.

Although this island is very well facilitated, there are some unavoidable risks such as injury and natural factors.

Double check before you head out on an organized tour that your insurance covers the activities. 


Theft is common everywhere, especially in vacation spots like Bali. Thieves often target unsuspecting tourists.

It can happen anywhere – the beach, nightclubs, on a motorbike, walking on the street. You have to be vigilant at all times.

Avoid carrying your important documents with you, such as passports. Keep them locked away in your hotel room. 

Insurance companies can usually help you financially if you lose these things. Some may even help if you lose cash.

Food Poisoning

The food in Bali is very rich in spices that might make your stomach uncomfortable.

This can also happen if you choose the wrong place to eat, ones that don’t pay close attention to hygiene.

Food poisoning can usually be self-treated, but worst case scenario is that you have to go to the hospital.

Have fun exploring the culinary delights of the island, but be aware of how much spice your stomach can handle.

Top tip: don’t drink the tap water!!!

Natural Disaster

Bali is located on the ring of fire, and has the chance of being affected by earthquakes, volcano eruptions, storms, floods and tsunamis. Obviously, all at a very small likelihood. 

These kinds of natural disasters can be devastating to the island. Affecting flights, and well, pretty much everything!

If a natural disaster happens just before, or even during your holiday, your travel insurance should be able to cover any rearrangements, evacuation or medical expenses.

Bali Travel Insurance Options

There are lots of insurance companies with plenty of attractive offers.

Before signing up, be sure you know what inclusions are most important and suitable for your needs while in Bali.

Here are some recommendations; 


SafetyWing is one of the most flexible insurances that you can buy when you are already out on your adventures.

By choosing the Nomad Insurance, you will have a medical expense allowance for hospital fees, doctors and prescription drugs. This also applies when it comes to Covid-19.

They can also handle emergency situations such as evacuation from local unrest, unplanned overnight stay and lost checked luggage. 

If you happen to have a motorbike accident during your time in Bali, as long as you were wearing the appropriate safety gear and have a valid license, SafetyWing will be able to help. 

Some sports activities will also be covered. Make sure you read the small print if you are planning any dare devil activities.


As the name suggests, Cover-More offers a little more coverage than other companies.

There are around 18 benefits across the plans, including medical expenses, Covid-19 protection, cancellation costs, and luggage and document insurance. 

You can check their Comprehensive Travel Insurance plans – International Comprehensive and International Comprehensive+ – which both have a lot of benefits, are valid for single trips or annual multi-trips, and are budget-friendly. 

There are also benefits that can be useful for your trip to Bali such as coverage for motorcycle accidents, incidents during adventurous activities (hiking, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, etc.), hijacking and things like loss of income, disability and death. 


Heymondo is easy. Your insurance documents will be readily available without having to carry around paperwork. 

There are three plans to choose from – single trips, annual multiples, long stays, and there is a separate travel insurance specifically for Covid-19.

Each plan covers medical expenses, repatriation or early return, luggage theft and damage and trip cancellation. 

Final Thoughts

Among the many things that can mess up your holiday, hopefully you won’t be left with a sky high medical bill. It may seem trivial or like annoying extra paperwork, but having a decent insurance can really save your ass! 

Get travel insurance for your trip to Bali to be able to really relax and enjoy your trip.


Featured image: Puri Taman Saraswati