If you are crazy for snorkeling, head to North of Bali to find Virgin Beach Bali or otherwise known as Pantai Pasir Putih (White Sand Beach). Located in between Bugbug and Perasi traditional Villages, Karangasem, Bali, this beach is one of three beaches that are stretched out in the area.

While Candidasa and Bugbug beaches offer beach panorama with black sand, Virgin Beach has warm white sand buffeted by the dazzling waves.

Why is it named as Virgin Beach? One will understand the given name as one would see the beach’s unspoilt natural scenery unlike other destinations in Bali. Besides the fact that there is no hotels or resorts built, the naturalness of the beach can also be seen from the absence of electricity on the beach.

“There is no electricity here because there are only seven residing families. And all warung use generators,” said Komang Unyil, who rents snorkelling equipments on the beach, to Tribun Bali.

The Virgin Beach can be seen straight away from the hill of Bukit Asah, that is situated on the left hand side of the beach.

The road access to the beach is rather narrow and that it can only be reached by motorbike. Another way is from Perasi Village that is next to Bugbug Village.

Visitors are keen and fond of the quiet situation, away from the modern busy nowadays. A visitor, Kadek Dwi, said, “Even though it is pretty remote, the atmosphere here is quiet and comfortable. However, the road access needs to be fixed immediately”.

From Snorkelling to Sailing

Water attractions offered to visitors are snorkelling, body board, and sailing. Reach to your pocket for IDR 35,000 to rent snorkelling set and you are ready to enjoy the coral reefs and adorable fish in the ocean. “From the shoreline, around 5 to 10 metres, the coral reefs can be seen. Sometimes, turtles may swim around too,” explained Sumerta, followed stating that Virgin Beach’s beauty for coral reefs is no less than other areas’ like Amed and Blue Lagoon.

As for sailing, the normal price charged for four people is IDR 250,000. Sumerta added that many visitors would visit the beach on a weekend, it is busy from morning until late afternoon.

Swimming and sunbathing are also an option. The fact that waves are quite big that does not stop visitors coming, in fact, it is what attracts them the most to come. The rolling waves pushing towards the shoreline is understood to be quite a sensation to those who swim. Virgin Beach opens from 08.00 until sunset, local time.