A Handy Guide | How to Find Good Accommodation in Bali

There are so many people who come to Bali for a vacation, and end up staying long term. The island has everything you could need to feel at home. With friendly people, cheap local food, affordable accommodation with more than decent facilities, and of course beaches and other natural beauties, it is a dream place […]

A Handy Guide | How to Use Gojek and Grab

The almost absence of public transportation in Bali makes online transportation such as Gojek and Grab the most convenient option for moving from one place to another. Forget the hassle of driving yourself through traffic jams. Just order, sit and enjoy the ride.  Not only for commuting, Gojek and Grab also have services such as […]

31 Mouthwatering Warungs in Bali

Authentic and wallet-friendly, warungs are where you should go when you’re looking for great Balinese and Indonesian food. Usually small, family owned businesses, the home-cooked food will introduce you to so many incredible flavours you won’t want to eat anywhere else.  Balinese cuisine is rich in spices and flavor, be ready for a sensation adventure!  […]