There are so many people who come to Bali for a vacation, and end up staying long term.

The island has everything you could need to feel at home.

With friendly people, cheap local food, affordable accommodation with more than decent facilities, and of course beaches and other natural beauties, it is a dream place to call home. 

If you are considering taking the leap to stay long term in Bali, here is everything you need to know about finding a perfect accommodation. 

Types of Accommodation Available for Long Term Rental

In Bali there are many different types of accommodation that are suitable for long term stays. 

Some are luxe, some are simple and easy, take a look! 


Photo: Villa Mannao (

Private villas have everything you need! Living areas, kitchen space, private gardens and swimming pools, galore!

Getting yourself a private villa is perfect if you are looking for a place to live with friends. Everyone can have their own space, as well as the shared areas.

Amenities will vary from place to place. But more often than not you will be able to find a villa with a lush garden, full kitchen and in-villa help (cleaner, gardener, pool cleaner). 

You can check out various villas for rent monthly in Travelio or Villa Disewakan Bali

Price range: starts from IDR15 million ($962) /month – IDR120 million+ ($7,692) /year

Guesthouse or Homestay

Photo: Lala Homestay Bingin (Hostelworld)

A guesthouse or homestay is a lot more simple and homey. 

Often locally owned with the owners living nearby, it is a collection of private rooms with shared areas and gardens.

Promising a comfortable, family vibe, you will make quick friends with your neighbors and be able to have your own quiet space to relax.

Price range: IDR2.5million ($160) /month – IDR30 million ($1,923) /year


Photo: DSTAY Kost Bali (

A kost is the cheapest kind of accommodation in Bali as you will only get a room, bathroom and wardrobe.

The building is like a hotel, but a bit much simpler, with 2-5 floors.

Kosts are usually located in more local areas, away from the touristy spots.

You can try out sites like Mamikos or Rukita for finding a local kost. 

Price range: IDR1.5 million ($96) /month – IDR15 million ($962) /year

Coliving Space

Photo: Draper Startup (Hostelworld)

Coliving spaces are spreading like wild fire, and are a dream for Bali digital nomads

With an on-site, or affiliated, coworking spaces, cozy beds, restaurants/cafes and gardens, staying in a coliving space is perfect for meeting other nomads and backpackers.

Based in the heart of the tourist towns, it is easy to get around, even if you aren’t planning to drive yourself.

Modern and friendly, these are a great option for solo travelers.

Price range: IDR8 million ($513) /month – IDR100 million ($6,410) /year


Photo: The Double View Mansions (

Apartments are very similar to guesthouses and homestays, but with a little more privacy and luxury.

We aren’t talking sky rises here, they are maximum 2-5 floors high with balconies and views.

You will often find mezzanine-style apartments that offer a little extra room, and some separation between living and sleeping areas.

Price range: IDR10 million ($641) /month – IDR120 million ($7,692) /year

How to Find a Long Term Rental in Bali

Photo: Villa Kamal Umalas (

Join discussion groups

Facebook groups of similar communities, such as those expats living in/moving to Bali, are ideal for finding accommodations and getting advice.

A few great options are; Bali Cheap House & Room Rental group or Villas in Bali

In these discussion groups, you will find property owners as well as agents. You can start a conversation, and ask things that suit your needs.

If you are already in Bali, it is better to see a place in person. You can check behind the spots they aren’t photographing, as well as ask questions.

But if you are still in your country of origin, you can ask for complete photos or videos from the prospective accommodation – perhaps you have a friend who can check it out for you!

DO NOT make a booking or deposit before you see the property!

Be picky about the area

Bali is vast, and almost all areas have some kind of affordable accommodation.

Finding the most suitable area can be vital to your success of living in Bali. For example, do you prefer to be near the beach, in the middle of the city, close to various facilities or a quieter area?

Best areas for beaches – Canggu, Kuta, Seminyak and Uluwatu.

Quieter areas – Umalas, Ubud, Pererenan or the new hype spot: Kedungu!

If you find an accommodation that catches your attention, ask for the address and look around on Google Maps. Check around to see if there are amenities nearby, is it a safe spot?, are you able to easily get around? 

Know the market price

It may take a little bit of effort, but knowing the general market price for the area, type of accommodation and kinds of facilities will really help when it comes to haggling. 

If you have been in Bali for some time, or have friends on the island, you can ask around how much people pay for their homes, and get an idea of an appropriate price.

You can also ask in groups and check out listings to get an idea of what people are willing to pay.

The cost of living in Bali may be affordable, but as it becomes more popular to move to the island, the prices are hiking up! 

How to secure an accommodation

Ideally, when you are ready to secure an accommodation you will meet with the owner or agent to create a contract and ensure that everything is clear on both sides. 

Be sure you know – who covers what costs, what protection you have if something breaks, what access the owner is able to have to the accommodation, and any requirements from either side.

Usually, a deposit and security deposit will be paid (for yearly rentals). Make sure you know who is paying what fees.


If you are willing to let some services slide, or would like to extend your stay, you can try to negotiate for a cheaper price.

This is pretty standard practice, just be sure you are being reasonable while you do it.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a digital nomad or building a business in Bali, there is a whole host of different kinds of places you can live in Bali.

After determining your preferences, you can start the search for your island home. 

Happy hunting! 


Featured image: Batur Green Hill