The sun is shining, the birds are singing and you’ve woken up in paradise – could it get any better?

Skip the hotel continental breakfast for today and try out one of the island’s amazing cafes serving up incredible breakfast plates.

Along the busy streets you will find beautiful spots preparing delectable breakfasts with everything from pancakes and fruit bowls, to nasi goreng and Indonesian classics.

These breakfast places in Bali promise a mouth-watering, energy fuelling meal.


Copenhagen in Canggu


Brunch Restaurant
Cozy & Instagrammable
Mon-Sun 6:30-18:00
+62 812 8197 8268
Jl. Padang Linjong No.71A, Canggu


Brunch Restaurant

Copenhagen is one of our favourite cafes in Canggu.

The cool ‘build your own’ menu has everything you want in the morning like eggs, pastries, breads, fruit and greens, protein and sweets, as well as vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free options.

Perfect for those who are fussy for their first meal of the day, you can order exactly what you want, exactly how you want it.

Fill up before a day of exploring the island or lounging on the beach – even if you are spending a day in bed, a breakfast at Copenhagen is worth it.


Suka Espresso in Ubud and Uluwatu

Suka Espresso

Minimalist & Cozy
Everyday 7:30 AM-9:30 PM
Jl. Raya Pengosekan Ubud No.108, Ubud

Suka Espresso


An island must-try, Suka Espresso has locations in both Ubud and Uluwatu. 

Starting as a humble warung with a coffee machine, and expanding to one of the best places to get coffee in Bali, Suka Espresso has to be on your Bali food list.

The breakfast menu is packed with the classics like omelettes, muesli, pancakes and smoothie bowls, setting you up right for a productive day.

With a vibey atmosphere and central location, Suka Espresso is a great place to start an island day, and one of the top breakfast places in Bali.


Rise and Shine Cafe in Canggu

Rise and Shine

Everyday 7:00 AM-3:00 PM
+62 812-4600-5958
Jl. Canggu Padang Linjong No.71a, Canggu

Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine your way into a good day at the Rise and Shine Cafe in Canggu.

A bright and comfortable cafe to tuck into a hearty breakfast, the menu is packed with great dishes from a breakfast burrito to super scramble.

Using local produce and with a friendly staff, it will quickly become your daily stop-by for a morning bite.


Bali Buda around Bali

Bali Buda Canggu

Healthy Food
Affordable & Eco-Friendly
Mon-Sun 8:00-20:00
Jl. Pantai Batu Mejan No.67A, Canggu

Bali Buda Canggu

Healthy Food

Bali Buda Cafe is another of Bali’s coveted places for breakfast.

There are many locations around the island including Canggu, Kerobokan, Ubud, and Bukit – and more!

Serving a diverse, tasty menu, filled with delicious dishes like coconut porridge, smoothie bowls, breads and egg options, it is perfect for a big morning meal or quick snack. All of their produce and products are locally sourced and prepared for the freshest, most delicious taste.


Crumb and Coaster in Kuta

Crumb & Coaster

Everyday 7:30 AM-11:00 PM
+62 819-9959-6319
Jl. Benesari No.2E, Kuta, Kec. Kuta

Crumb & Coaster

Crumb & Coaster is a quaint little cafe hidden away in the back streets of Kuta.

Perfect for stopping by before a day at one of Bali’s best beaches, you can tuck into classic avo toast, or try something a little more interesting with the Mediterranean hummus on toast.

Super fresh and delicious, it is another great spot for breakfast in Bali.


Sala Bistro & Coffee in Sanur

Sala Bistro & Coffee

Everyday 7:30 AM-10:00 PM
+62 859-0134-0984
Jl. Danau Tamblingan No.180, Sanur

Sala Bistro & Coffee

A chic and aesthetic breakfast, Sala Bistro & Coffee is a boho dream with comfortable tables and a delicious menu.

The brunch selection is perfect for beginning your day with a happy tummy.

Try the freshly baked croissants, apple pie french toast or banana pancakes – they are all sweet treats that you deserve!


The Junction House in Seminyak

The Junction House

Everyday 7:00 AM-12:00 AM
+62 881 0389 65066
Kayu Aya No.3 Seminyak

The Junction House

The Junction House’s breakfast menu is something to drool at. Packed with tasty treats like crepes, chilli scrambled eggs and avo toast, you can tuck into deliciousness first thing in the morning.

Sitting opposite one of the best shopping centres on the island, Seminyak Square, it is great fuel for some retail therapy.

The restaurant is super comfortable and relaxed, a perfect space for watching the world pass by.


Doppio Cafe Pink in Seminyak

Doppio Café Pink

Everyday 7:30 AM-5:30 PM
+62 82144975634
Jl. Raya Basangkasa No.8x, Seminyak

Doppio Café Pink

Doppio Cafe Pink is a vibrant addition to the Seminyak cafe scene. The decor is quaint and boho, with tiled flooring and towering ceilings. It’s not only a great breakfast in Bali, but an Insta-friendly spot too.

Each plate is worthy of its own picture, well presented and served. Dig into big breakfasts, chia seed puddings, smoothie bowls, and amazing coffee.

Doppio is a bright way to begin your morning.


Avocado Factory in Canggu

Avocado Factory

Avocado Bar
Cozy & Instagrammable
Everyday 7:00 AM-8:00 PM
+62 813 3738 2521
Canggu, Kec. Kuta Utara

Avocado Factory

Avocado Bar

We say AVO, you say CADO!

A whole restaurant dedicated to avocados?! Heaven does exist.

The Avocado Factory have incorporated avos into literally everything – the pancakes, the smoothie bowls, the granola – they got creative!

Incredibly fresh and tasty, be healthy from the moment you wake up with these amazing dishes.


Three Steps Social Space in Uluwatu

Three Steps Social Space

Everyday 7:00 AM-9:00 PM
+62 813-3946-8669
Jl. Raya Uluwatu Pecatu No.500

Three Steps Social Space

Nearby to Uluwatu Temple, Three Steps Social Space is coffee, breakfast and social spot all in one.

The morning menu is fresh and tasty with a wide selection of dishes including tofu scramble, smoothie bowls and waffles.

A cosy spot to grab your breakfast, you can fuel up before a day of exploring the stunning Balinese temple and beaches nearby.


Two Moods in Canggu

Two Moods

Everyday 8:00 AM-11:00 PM
+62 821-4445-7084
Jl. Tanah Barak No.47, Canggu

Two Moods

Two Moods is an all-day restaurant serving a packed menu from breakfast to dinner. 

The options are super diverse with things like crab omelette, Shakshuka eggs, avo toast and a Scandinavian breakfast.

Overlooking rice paddies with a rustic, homey style, it is a comfortable breakfast place in Bali to meet up with some friends before an island day.


Pel’s Supershop in Canggu

Pels Supershop

Tropical & Bright
Everyday 11:00 AM-7:30 PM
+62 813 3761 9335
Jl. Pantai Berawa No.46, Tibubeneng

Pels Supershop


Pel’s Supershop is a Canggu hotspot and vegan restaurant in Berawa, serving a vegan twist on a regular Western-style meals.

The all-day menu is filled with dishes that’ll take you from breakfast to dinner like pancakes, hash stacks and smoothie bowls.

Open from 10am, meet up for brunch right in the heart of Canggu, before heading off for a day at the beach.


HOME Cafe in Canggu


Everyday 7:00 AM-11:00 PM
+62 813-3838-5937
Jl. Subak Canggu No.2, Canggu


Create your own breakfast, choose from the signature menu or stick to your favourite smoothie bowls. At HOME Cafe, you can have anything you fancy!

Beautifully plated and served, it is healthy food that is absolutely delicious.

Many of their meals are prepared with Beyond Milk, avoiding the chemicals and extra preservatives that are in other plant-based milks.


Gron Espresso Bar & Kitchen in Canggu

Gron Espresso Bar & Kitchen

Everyday 8:00 AM-9:00 PM
+62 811-9698-810
Jl. Raya Semat No.1, Tibubeneng, Kec. Kuta Utara

Gron Espresso Bar & Kitchen

Fresh pastries, an epic brunch menu and top-tier coffees – Gron is another breakfast place in Bali that shouldn’t be missed.

The style and design of the cafe is super cool, and it’s a chill place to get some emails done before you head off for a day exploring Bali.

In amongst the action of Canggu, start your day with some amazing food and strong coffees.


Milk & Madu in Canggu and around

Milk and Madu

Chic & Instagrammable
Everyday 7:00 AM-10:00 PM
+62 851 0278 1872
Jl. Pantai Berawa No.52, Tibubeneng

Milk and Madu


Everyone in Bali knows Milk & Madu. It is one of the best places to grab some Western dishes with a cool, relaxed vibe.

There is a Milk & Madu in all the top spots of the island including Berawa, Canggu and Ubud – with Uluwatu coming soon!

Choose from bakery goods, muesli bowls, the big brekky or lots of cooked options.

Using local produce and quality meats, it is a delicious way to dine at breakfast.


Nourish Cafe in Canggu and Uluwatu

Nourish Cafe & Pizzeria

Minimalist Interiors & Airy
Everyday 7:00 AM-10:30 PM
+62 877-5974-3987
Jl. Raya Uluwatu, Ungasan, Kec. Kuta Sel.

Nourish Cafe & Pizzeria


Nourish Cafe is yet another amazing breakfast in Bali that will have you filled and ready to go on adventures. 

The cafe has an array of delicious, organic, locally sourced, nutrient rich foods, juices and smoothies. 

The menu is filled with an array of nourishing salads, all-day breakfast options and a range of hot and cold drinks. Decorated with a white interior and warm lighting, it is an ideal spot to bring along your friends for a nourishing breakfast. 


Kynd Community in Seminyak and Canggu

Kynd Community

Vibrant & Instagrammable
Everyday 7:30 AM-10:00 PM
+628 593 1120 209
Jalan Petitenget No.12 Kerobokan Kelod, Seminyak

Kynd Community


Kynd Community is a modern vegan cafe with a picturesque design and cool style. 

A great place to escape the crowds of both busy towns, you can settle down for a tasty breakfast among the craziness. 

Kynd Community is a popular place for breakfast in Bali, serving the freshest juices and interesting dishes. Choose from gourmet toasts on the all day breakfast menu, including their signature ‘Morning Fuel’ with house made granola.


Shady Shack in Canggu

Shady Shack

Open & Tropical
Mon-Sun 7:30-21:00
+62 819 1639 5087
Jl. Tanah Barak No.57, Canggu

Shady Shack


Shady Shack is a famed Canggu spot to indulge in mouth-watering vegetarian dishes, sweet treats and refreshing beverages.

The rustic-chic environment has a relaxed atmosphere, ideal for a leisurely breakfast. There is a range of shaded dining spaces, both al fresco indoors if you fancy people watching while you dig in.

Be sure to try out the burrito, it is a taste sensation and an amazing way to start your day!


The Coffee Club in Legian

The Coffee Club

Everyday 6:00 AM-9:00 PM
+62 361 763444
Jl. Pantai Arjuna No.18, Legian, Kec. Kuta

The Coffee Club

The Coffee Club is a stylish beachside cafe that is a beautiful spot for a morning coffee and breakfast. Located right across from the beach, it has a view of the ocean with a breeze flowing through.

Their Big Breakfast is perfect for a hungry morning, with chipolata sausages, bacon, eggs, and toast. 

Start your day off right beside the ocean with a hearty meal at an amazing breakfast place in Bali.


Final Thoughts

Eating breakfast in Bali is a whole ART. Everyone has their own fave spot on the island to start their day with their ideal coffee, smoothie and plate.

Overlooking the rice paddies, ocean or town, if your vibe is more chill or bustling there is a perfect spot for you.

Let us know which of these amazing cafes in Bali you choose to check out!


Featured image: Rise and Shine