Is Bali expensive?

It’s the first question you’ll ask when planning a Bali adventure. 

Many say it is, and save up for years to be able to enjoy the island to the fullest.

It makes sense, the island has everything that every traveler from all over the world desires. But, a visit to Bali doesn’t need to break the bank.

From ultra-luxe and lavish, to the more simple and affordable, this paradise island can be anything you want it to be.

Cost of Flights to Bali

Estimated expense: USD $500-$800 for a round-trip ticket

Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport is the only airport on the island, and is open to almost all the countries of the world.

The amount you spend on tickets will depend on where you fly in from, if the country of your passport requires a visa, and when you choose to fly.

Plane tickets to Bali will be the most expensive part of your trip. But, with a little finessing, you can lower the costs.

If you’re flying in from the West, you will not find direct flights to Bali. You will need to transit at least once, maybe even twice!

As tiring as it sounds, being willing to have multiple transits will actually help save some money.

You can tinker with schedules, transit options and airlines to get the best price.

Make sure you also consider when to visit Bali. Obviously, the summer months are going to be more expensive than the in-between seasons. If you have the chance, visit outside of major holidays and within school terms. 

The average costs of flying to Bali are;

  • London to Bali: $563 – 630
  • New York to Bali: $433 – 700
  • Toronto to Bali: $558 – 968
  • Singapore to Bali: $107 – 202
  • Jakarta to Bali: $58 – 790

If you are more flexible, and not picky, you can grab a pretty good deal!

Always pay attention to airlines special offers. It never hurts to subscribe to newsletters from multiple airlines, too! 

Bali doesn’t need to be expensive if you work the system a lil.

Cost of Accommodation in Bali

Estimated daily expense: USD $7-$1,000+ 

Accommodation in Bali can be very humble, or incredibly extravagant.

You can have all the Western amenities of your dreams, or cuddle up in a more quaint and intimate escape.

Depending on your budget, preference and location, the island is jam-packed with amazing places to stay.

Hostels in Bali

Hostels are a great place to meet people and save money.

With the average price for bed and breakfast at less than $10, you can save on accommodation and go wild on activities.

In a Bali hostel you will have free access to facilities, a fun, lively community and a comfortable bed to return to at the end of an adventurous day. 

You can find hostels in all the most strategic locations in Bali – just a few minutes from the beach, walking distance from restaurants and cafes or shrouded in greenery.

Our favorite is Tribal Hostel in Pererenan. You will meet all kinds of people from backpackers to entrepreneurs, have excellent facilities, and be able to explore from a tropical home base. 

Villas in Bali

It’s everyone’s dream to stay in a super luxurious villa in Bali.

From traditional Balinese to the most modern and luxe homes, the variety of villas available in phenomenal. As is the price range.

You can find super affordable spots in the heart of towns, that become even more budget-friendly if you share the price with friends. and Airbnb are the obvious options for finding a great villa in Bali. You can also check out Ministry of Villas and Agoda for more choice.

If you are coming to the end of your world backpacking adventure, and have a little extra cash to splash, or you’ve been saving for the holiday of a lifetime, renting a villa in Bali is one way to have the most memorable trip.

It may make your holiday a little more expensive, but you can live like royalty!

Echo Beach Villa is perfectly located close to the beach, is affordable and has AMAZING amenities!

Villa Ka has a classic Balinese style with a touch of luxury. Spend lazy days lounging in your own private paradise just a short drive from Canggu.

Hotels in Bali

Hotels are the perfect in-between from hostels to villas. You won’t have as much privacy, but having excellent facilities and service makes it worth while.

From 5-star resorts to budget hotels, once again, Bali has it all. Every traveler will be able to find a hotel to suit their budget and requirements.

Be encompassed by nature on a hillside, in among the action in the heart of town, or overlooking the ocean from a beachfront paradise.

And let’s not forget, there are so many incredible honeymoon hotels in Bali to keep the couples happy.

Hotels in Bali are not like the unforgiving, towering, boring buildings of the west. Many offer stunning, green views like Frii Bali at Echo Beach

Eco-lodges are equally as fantastic for those looking for something a bit extra from their stay.

Cost of Transport in Bali

Estimated daily expense: USD $2-$30

The easiest way to get around Bali is to use online transport or rent a scooter. There is no public transportation on the island.

When you are planning your daily itinerary, be sure to take into account the HECTIC traffic that is often at stand-still.

Renting a Bike

Renting a motorbike or scooter is the easiest option for getting around in Bali. It is flexible, and affordable.

You can rent a motorbike for as little as USD $3-$5 per day, or even cheaper if you rent per week (USD $15 -$20).

The price of gasoline is also affordable at USD $1 per liter. You can refuel at the small roadside stops, or head to the bigger gas stations. 

This may not be the best option for everyone, though. The streets of Bali are busy and congested. Those with little experience will still be shocked by the ways and rules of the road

Occasionally, there are some cases of drive-by robberies. You have to pay extra attention to safety when driving.

Wear a helmet, cover up, and put valuables in your bag or under the seat during a trip.

Despite the rumors, you must have a license to be able to drive around Bali legally. If you are caught without the proper documentation, you will receive a fine. 

Our general rule is – if you are anxious, scared or unprepared, don’t do it.

Grab & GO-JEK

Online transportation apps, such as Go-jek and Grab are an excellent alternative for those who don’t want to drive themselves.

From the moment you land in Bali, you can use the apps to order cars, motorbikes, and even food!

There is a Grab station inside the airport with helpful staff who will assist you in ordering a ride.

Once you get to grips with the apps, the island is your oyster!

A one-way motorbike trip, of at least 4km, will usually cost you around USD $1.

Fares are more expensive if you want a car, averaging USD $2 per km.

As well as Gojek and Grab, there are some newcomer apps, inDriver and Maxim. They offer a cheaper price, but the number of drivers is limited.

When considering how expensive Bali is in your planning, Gojek and Grab will be able to help lower your costs.

Taxis and Private Drivers

Taxis and private drivers will be the most convenient for families and groups. 

Apps like BlueBird are the most trusted for taxis, and will give you a price before getting in – no haggling required.

Taking a taxi in Bali means signing up for some traffic. However, they are convenient and reliable.

Finding a private driver is the best way to explore the island. You can make your own itinerary, call them up for quick trips and create a friendly, trusting relationship.

Use GetYourGuide to find private drivers, or ask your friends for their recommendations. Almost all returning visitors to Bali have their own trusted driver. 

Cost of Food and Drink in Bali

Estimated daily expense: USD $5-$20

Food in Bali is pretty cheap and affordable, as long as you don’t have food restrictions, or get too picky.

You can find lots of delicious street food like nasi jinggo (small portions of a Balinese signature ready-to-eat meal, consisting of rice, vegetables and sambal wrapped in banana leaves) costing as little as USD $1.

If you want to sit and socialize with the locals, you can sit at the food stall and chat with the owner and other patrons over a hot tea. 

For something a little more extravagant, there are so many luxury and fine dining restaurants in Bali.

Often with fabulous views, fancy menus and a lavish ambience, they are great for a special occasion or celebration. On the higher end of the scale, these types of restaurants will be expensive, with Western standard prices. 

Most commonly, you will find mid-range restaurants, cafes and bistros lining the streets.

Serving a mixture of Indonesian and Western classics for reasonable prices, these are most likely where you will eat every day.

You can dine as a couple for as little as USD $15 for an ample meal and drink. 

A lot of accommodations will have some kind of kitchen or kitchenette. Supermarkets are dotted all over the island offering imported Western brands as well as local alternatives. Pick up fresh local fruits and vegetables to include in your island dishes.

Although a bit more expensive, you can spend USD $10 on all the ingredients you need for a decent meal. 

Cost of Attractions in Bali

Estimated daily expense: USD $0-$10 

You don’t need heaps money to enjoy the beauty of Bali.

You can visit almost all the public beaches, several waterfalls and rice fields for free. Although we advise giving a small donation to local people who help maintain and preserve the attractions.

Activities like surfing and yoga will, obviously, cost a little.

To rent a surf board is around USD $2-$4 per 3 hours, and surf lessons around $10-$17 per session.

A daily pass for a yoga lesson is usually priced around USD $5-$7, including a yoga mat, towel and natural scenery. Still pretty affordable considering the level of service you will get! 

Bali’s must-see sights have entrance fees that are used to help maintain the areas;

  • Uluwatu Temple: $2
  • Sacred Monkey Forest: $5
  • Ulun Danu Bratan Temple: $5

Fill up your itinerary with stunning historical monuments, amazing religious spots and incredible scenery for a tiny price! Money doesn’t buy memories.

Final Thoughts

So, what do you think? Is Bali expensive?

We believe that anyone, on any budget, can do Bali and have an UNFORGETTABLE time.

It’s not all about being flashy and luxe, sometimes it’s about enjoying quality time with your loved ones in a stunning paradise!