It is not a rare event to see some people who are driving back home from Denpasar stopping by for a short rest in Pancasari, Buleleng.

Not only that we would be spoiled by the natural beauty of Buyan and Tamblingan lakes scenery, but we would also be welcomed by the ‘hospitality’ of wild monkeys that live there.

“These monkeys are rather friendly, they would only come after visitors for food. When they are not getting it, they would wait” said Mrs. Asih who sells bakso in Panca Sari area.

The cuteness of the monkeys can be seen when they are given food. Unlike many other wild monkeys in the other areas, they always share food instead of fighting over it.

For example, a visitor was spotted giving a bottle of water to one monkey, after that first monkey had some of the water, it handed it over to the other monkeys. They share fruits as well with each other.

“We’ve got some cute monkeys here. Especially the females carrying their baby, they always wait their turn and never scramble.” stated this lady.