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A Guide To Best Pizza In Ubud: Part one

I feel that finding a good pizza in Ubud is really easy, a little bit too easy maybe. Ubud offers you so many pizza joints, it’s like being in a little Italy, where each joint has their own specialty, and their own signature taste.

Do you want doughy and chewy crust? Go to pizza A. Napolitana style pizza? Definitely pizza B. Or pizza with unique topping like Ayam Betutu? Pizza C has the thing. So you could never run out of options for your pizza night.

And when it comes to the which-place-has-the-best-pizza discussion? Wow, let me tell you, it’s going to be a long discussion. Everybody has their own contender. So in order to make your pizza quest a tiny bit easier, here I present a guide to the best pizza in Ubud, volume one, because there are too many of good pizzas in Ubud.

Buonasera Pizza

Jalan Goutama No.12, Ubud, Bali

I always order Margherita Pizza a.k.a the very basic pizza when I got confused on which pizza to order. How to get to know if one place has a real good pizza? Order the Margherita Pizza. When I first tasted the Margherita pizza from Buonasera, I thought that the dough is a bit too thick for my liking, but after a couple of slices, I actually become addicted to it. I feel that Buonasera has one of the best crusts, but my friends who went here with me thought of the opposite, but then again, everyone has their own preference when it comes to pizza. Everything in this pizza is just the right consistency. The crust, Marinara sauce, basil, and the mozzarella, although a bit more cheese wouldn’t hurt.

My other favorite menu in Buonasera is the Bolognaise Pizza. A pizza topped with Bolognaise meat sauce and mozzarella, very simple and very meaty. As a carnivore living in Ubud, or also known as a minority, this pizza has everything I need. This pizza always gives me a content feeling, especially when a cold Bintang is present. Other thing I like about Buonasera is the decor, it’s a simple white with blue lining decor without any knick-knacks. Located in one of my favorite streets in Ubud, Goutama Street, Buonasera easily becomes my favorite place to go for pizza.

Umah Pizza

Jalan Bisma No. 12, Ubud, Bali

This place amazes me in so many ways. First, the pizza is one of the best pizzas in Ubud, even Bali. They have a thin and crispy-on-the-edge crust, they are generous with the topping, I never feel the need to ask for extra cheese when I’m here, and their portion is huge, sharing is recommended. Second, the price is amazing, it’s really cheap for Ubud (Or Bali?) standard. It’s about 100K-ish for two, including one pasta dish, one large pizza, and two drinks. Third, they do delivery, a very good delivery service. One time I was staying with my friend in a villa in the middle of nowhere and we tried our luck by ordering from Umah Pizza, thinking that the delivery would take a long time to arrive. We were very surprised (and happy) when our pizza arrived in just 45 minutes.

My favorite menu is the Margherita pizza with added toppings that change according to my mood, but I always go with mushroom and onion on it. Their homemade pasta is also very good, the best one in Ubud, I think, and did I mention about their huge portion? My favorite is the Pesto pasta, but everything else is just as good. It’s getting better if you’re a local, because they have 10% for you. The downside? Parking your vehicle here is a bit fussy.

Mamma Mia Pizza

Jalan Raya Pengosekan, Ubud, Bali


Jalan Hanoman No. 36, Ubud, Bali

This is the only place where I’m willing to eat vegetarian pizza, because why a non-vegetarian would eat vegetarian pizza? But I always order the vegetarian pizza when I’m in Mamma Mia. Crust-wise, it’s different from the two others I’ve written before, it’s a bit thicker than the two others but it has the right chewiness. The crust to topping ratio is perfect, because you know, there are some annoying peeps who hate having too much topping on their pizza? Or is it just me? Their vegetarian pizza included eggplant, onion, paprika, and other veggies I fail to identify.

I’ve never tried their pasta dish, but I’ve heard some good rave about them. Prepare to wait half an hour or more if you’re coming here around dinner time. But Mamma Mia has a smaller and quieter branch on Hanoman Street, that easily becomes everyone’s favorite secret hangout. For those who like their pizza cold, I can tell you that they are the best cold pizza in town. Price-wise, they are still on the cheaper side.

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