There are so many benefits to being able to work from anywhere as a digital nomad.

Schedule flexibility, no more time-consuming commute, and the freedom to complete more tasks over the length of the day – you’re a fool if you haven’t even considered it.

You can literally work from anywhere! Move from one place to another, meet like-minded people, and create life-long relationships.

The road of a digital nomad can be a lonely one, if you aren’t traveling with existing companions. After work drinks, office gossip, water cooler chit chat, those little extras of your work day make it more enjoyable, and aren’t found when you are bouncing from spot to spot.

Those who crave the camaraderie and friendship of the work space while being a digital nomad in Bali can consider a digital nomad retreat.

Working retreats in Bali can help you hone in on your goals, build your business, develop your skills and make some epic friends along the way. Check out these retreats!

What is a Digital Nomad Retreat?

Everyone already knows about Bali coworking spaces and coliving spots, why not take it a step further?

These digital nomad retreats in Bali are a intensive course on how to upgrade your working habits and increase productivity.

What is a digital nomad retreat?

With a coworking space, you have a spot to go to each day to treat as your office. Minimise your distractions, be among other workers and get down to business. 

By staying in a coliving space you can have everything you need for a successful nomadic life at your fingertips. Most coliving spots in Bali have on-site coworking places, lots of extra amenities to make you feel at home, and likeminded neighbors.

Now, combine the 2, and make it an intensive course with experts on hand to help you thrive in your career. For newbie nomads and OG explorers, digital nomad retreats can help you where you struggle, give you a supportive community, and the motivation to get productive.

All the little details will be taken care of when you sign up to a digital nomad retreat. Accommodation, services, tours, even sim cards are included in the price. You just need to handle your flights, and make sure you pack your laptop! 

How can a digital nomad retreat be beneficial?

As a digital nomad, you often move from place to place. While fun, you might miss the connection you have with colleagues. 

By joining a retreat, you can be in the same environment for an extended time with fellow nomads.

Explore together, live under the same roof, and support each other in your dreams.

Connections will be built, but you will also be more productive!

Why join a Bali digital nomad retreat?

Digital nomad retreats in Bali are not good, they are INCREDIBLE.

You certainly know the line of nicknames for this island of the gods; the last paradise on earth, paradise island, surfer paradise, love island, and it’s also not enough to answer why. We think you will find the answer if you immediately follow the retreat on this island.

Best Digital Nomad Retreats in Bali

There’s a whole load of retreats in Bali to suit every kind of nomad, worker and budget.

Check out some of our faves!

Retreat #1 – Wifly Nomads

Photo by: Wifly Nomads

Cost: USD $3,997

Date: TBC

Duration: 5 days

Location: Around Bali

WiFly Nomads is a five-day intensive training program where you will be taught to become a true remote worker.

You will have an immersive experience, learning how to start earning an income outside of an office cubicle.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any remote work experience, or are a 9 to 5 worker, you will join people on the same journey as you.

If you are having doubts or worries about switching to a digital nomad lifestyle, this retreat can help you out. It was created to not only help you gain more confidence, but also have bargain power as a nomad.

It is an intensive digital nomad retreat in Bali. During the allotted time, you will have your days scheduled and jam-packed. This does include a half day excursion to explore the island!

WiFly Nomads prepares workshops on specific themes like determining the right remote career path, increasing high-value visibility, how to land your first remote job and getting more offers. You will learn all the tools, knowledge, and support you need to have a successful digital nomad career.

Taking on a limited number of people per program, you are promised 1:1 support throughout. 

To relax after intense days of learning, you’ll be staying in a  Bali private villa with a pool, helpful staff, and private chef.

The team will also provide you with a local sim card and help arrange any extra details for your stay.

For the serious learners and high achievers, WiFly Nomads is a great digital nomad retreat in Bali to throw yourself into the remote working world.


Retreat #2 – Work Wanderers

Photo by: Work Wanderers

Cost: TBC

Date: 11-20 August 2023

Duration: 10 days

Location: Uluwatu

Bali is just one of the destinations where you can join a Work Wanderers digital nomad retreat.

In the 10 days on the retreat, you will get an insight into what a digital nomad work/life balance can look like.

On some days you may be immersed in career development & skill share workshops. On other days you may be relaxing with yoga, wellness & introspection sessions. 

Its beautiful location in Uluwatu has many of Bali’s best beaches at your fingertips for surfing, sunning and swimming. You’ll want to get your work done first though. The retreat is all about being productive after all. 

The coliving accommodation is comfortable with everything you need – included in the price!

Your morning will be less stressful with breakfast provided to get you pumped and ready for your day. With a dedicated coordinator, everything is organized and prepared. 

Put your name on the waitlist for August 2023! 


Retreat #3 – Project Getaway

Photo by: Project Getaway

Cost: from USD $2,975 to $3,950

Date: TBC for 2023

Location: Sanur

Great success, big adventures and community go hand in hand.

Project Getaway has an entrepreneurs specific retreat where fellow forward thinkers can get together and network. 

Participants are hand selected to ensure the most effective and beneficial retreat for everyone involved. There are 11-22 people hosted for a more exclusive and hands-on atmosphere.  

Being a pioneer in retreats for entrepreneurs, Project Getaway lets you work on your business from Bali, together with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurial life can get a little lonely. It can be hard to find peers with the same spirit and enthusiasm. By joining a digital nomad retreat in Bali, you can make meaningful connections, and keep on track to achieve your goals.

You only need to worry about your business, everything else will be taken care of by Project Getaways.

When you arrive in Bali, you will get a Welcome Pack containing a local topped up sim card to keep you online.

Meals and laundry will be taken care of, and you will get unlimited access to the coworking space and Skype rooms.

Outside of working, you can join activities, lounge with the other guests and enjoy your time on the tropical island. 


Retreat #4 – Unsettled

Photo by: Unsettled

Cost: USD $2,850

Date: March 4th-April 1st, 2023 & June 3rd-July 1st, 2023

Duration: 4 weeks

Location: Around Bali

An idea born on a sailing boat trip with friends, the founders of Unsettled wanted to live, work, and travel differently.

With a global community, Unsettled hosts coworking retreats in all the favorite digital nomad destinations, including Bali.

They want to instill in the community that it is okay to never settle for anything less than what you want – pursuing goals, development and adventure. 

You can balance life, work and fun by breaking out of your routine and exploring a new destination with an incredible group of new peers.

The calculated decision to use Bali as the retreat destination is well thought out. The environment will make you feel at home, even though you are across the world on a tropical island.

Spend your time between the 24/7 coworking space, gathering with the other nomads for networking and bouncing ideas off one another, and relaxing on the balcony overlooking the jungle.

You won’t miss out on the culture, nature and hotspots of the island on this Bali digital nomad retreat. Between the busy schedule you’ll find time to head out and explore.

Accommodation is included in the price – a luxury Balinese villa at that! You can cuddle up in bed for late night emails, and enjoy having a coliving quality to the retreat to keep you productive and in the right growing mindset.


Retreat #5 – Wifi Tribe

Photo by: Wifi Tribe

Cost: from USD $1,070 to $2,210

Date: TBC for 2023

Duration: 1 month

Location: Canggu

Cheering for each other’s successes is something that all solo digital nomads crave, and something that Wifi Tribe thrives on! 

It is not your usual travel program. It is a community with an unconventional approach to travel.

The goal isn’t about having a vacation, but advancing your career by prioritizing getting work done, before play.

A typical day on a WiFi Tribe digital nomad retreat in Bali starts with a cup of coffee and having breakfast, then getting down to business for a few hours. 

At night, everyone gathers and makes plans for exploring the island and sharing ideas about new business ideas.

After a week of hard work, a weekend of venturing around Bali is well deserved, and a great way to get your creative juices flowing.

One of the Wifi Tribe chapters is based in Canggu, in a quiet villa close to the main street. Make a group of new, hustling peers, to encourage, push and motivate each other to grow in your careers and life! 


Retreat #6 – Cowork Paradise

Photo by: Cowork Paradise

Cost: from USD $3,936 to $5,428

Date: January or February

Duration: 2 or 3-weeks

Location: Canggu

If you want a more serious and professional digital nomad retreat in Bali, the Mastermind Group Retreat by Cowork Paradise is perfect.

An exclusive and intimate retreat, there is a specific criteria to even qualify for a spot – a business with sales of at least €100,000 in the last year. 

You must go through a selection process, as the team will put together a group with similar profiles in terms of needs, and business levels. That’s what makes this particular retreat so great, you will be around business owners just like you!

During the retreat, you will have access to the coworking center, and an international network of entrepreneurs in Canggu.

There will be plenty of special sessions with a bunch of business coaches and group of entrepreneurs on the itinerary.

With your own private room and tasty professionally prepared meals, you may never want the retreat to end! 


Retreat #7 – Remote Year

Photo by: Remote Year

Cost: USD $2,838

Date: Dec 4th-Dec 31st, 2022

Duration: 4 weeks

Location: Canggu

Experienced in helping more than 4,000 adventurers find the pleasures of remote working, Remote Year offers 1-month retreat trips to Bali, several times a year.

They say, “Just bring your job, and your flip-flops, we’ll handle the rest!” And they really do.

You will be picked up at the airport and then taken to your chosen accommodation (there’s a choice of a shared villa or guest house in Canggu).

While in Bali, a community leader, manager and local team will be on hand to help you navigate the new place and get settled in.

The facilities are perfectly setup for a hard working week. There is a dedicated Canggu coworking space with 24-hour access, high-speed internet, computers and meeting rooms. Decorated with natural accents, with an onsite pool and gardens, you can choose your most comfortable environment for your working day.

Remote Year included some Community Experiences in each package. You can visit temples in Ubud, dive the Liberty Shipwreck and go swimming among marine life, try surfing at Padang Padang beach, explore Komodo island and make your own silver jewelry. 

There are plenty of additional benefits that come along with being a Remote Year member, but the digital nomad retreats to Bali are the tip-top.


Final Thoughts

If you have to work, you might as well being doing it in Bali! 

Bali’s digital nomads retreats give you the chance to immerse in remote working life in a STUNNING location.

You can meet fellow freelancers, remote workers, digital nomads or those who are thinking about transitioning from a full time job. A retreat will show you all the inside tips and tricks for getting by without an office. 

For a newbie digital nomad, WiFly will give you more confidence in preparing for your first steps as a remote worker. Pros will be able to get pumped up and reignited with passion at the exclusive Cowork Paradise retreat. 


Featured image: Digital Nomad