Forget stuffy offices and packed cafes, they are the working places of the past. Grab your laptop and head to one of Canggu’s best coworking spots for incredible internet speeds, comfortable desks and a community of fellow digital nomads.

If you are heading to Bali solo with the intention of starting a business or continuing an existing role, working from your bedroom can get a bit lonely and unmotivating. Canggu is packed with amazing spaces where you can network, chill and get your tasks done!

From bloggers to crypto-geniuses, sellers to life coaches, every type of industry, worker and profession can be found in these beautiful, spacious coworking spots in Canggu.

Find your crew and get motivated!

Here are some of my favourite Canggu coworking spaces –

Tribal Hostel

Coworking Hostel
Modern and Tropical
Mon-Sun: 8am - 8pm
+62 821-4791-4973
Gang Tribal, Jl. Pantai Pererenan Pererenan, Bali 80351

Tribal Hostel

Coworking Hostel

The star of all the coworking spaces in Canggu, Tribal Bali is a dream come true.

Located away from the crowds in scenic Pererenan, just a short walk from the beach, it is a bright, BIG and open space that has something for every kind of worker.

Like to stand when you work? There’s tall standing desks overlooking the gardens.

Like to cosy up on a couch? Got them!

Want to be surrounded by greenery? Settle in on one of the sunken couches beside jungle gardens.

Prefer reclining on a bean bag? Go down by the pool and relax as you type your emails.

Tribal is a tropical coworking heaven!

With a fabulous menu of healthy dishes, delicious coffee and affordable daily prices (only paying if you stay more than 3 hours), its a hotspot among the Canggu coworking community.

Tribal is also an amazing hostel! The ground floor is dedicated to working, coffees, swimming and networking, while the first floor homes dorm rooms and private rooms. Excellently designed with comfort and relaxing in mind, you can take a break from your laptop to lounge on your bed. It is one of the best places to stay in Canggu for remote workers and backpackers.

Forget about shoddy internet and annoying neighbours, Tribal is catered specifically for digital nomads with so many amazing amenities. Long term Bali expats, and people wandering through, will be able to find their tribe in this INCREDIBLE coworking space.

B Work

Coworking Space
Friendly & Spacious
Jl. Nelayan No.9C, Canggu, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

B Work

Coworking Space

B Work takes digital nomad community to the next level. It has EVERYTHING!

As well as the usual coworking cafe space, there is a recording studio, private desks for focusing, meeting rooms, and a multi-functional space for classes or meetings. Literally, everything!

Right in the heart of Canggu, it is close by to the beach, restaurants and bars of the town. You can spend a long day getting down to business in comfort and style with your friends, before heading out for a coconut on the sand for sunset.

With a classic tropical style with rattan furnishings, lots of bright windows, outdoor space and cafe, B Work is a top contender for the best coworking space in Canggu.

And to top it off, its open 24 hours! Night owls, get your stuff done.

Outpost Canggu

Coworking Space
Tropical & Comfortable
Jl. Raya Semat, Tibubeneng, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

Outpost Canggu

Coworking Space

Outpost Canggu is a hub of activity for creatives and digital nomads of all professions.

In the heart of town, just a short drive from the beach, it is the perfect Bali ‘office’ where you can knuckle down and get a few hours of work done before heading out to enjoy island life.

Featuring shared and private desks, conference rooms, high-speed internet, Skype booths and providing a mailing address, a membership at Outpost Canggu will ensure you have all the facilities you need for a successful work day.

Tune out with your headphones to your favourite music, or gather with some like-minded fellow entrepreneurs to share ideas, discuss any problems and have a brainstorm about where to go next with your project. Outpost Canggu doesn’t only offer a desk and internet, it provides you with a friendly working community who are willing to help each other out and expand your way of thinking.

As well as the great coworking space, Outpost Canggu also offers a coliving villa with comfortable hotel-style bedrooms, shared facilities and a swimming pool. You can base your Bali adventure from Outpost where you have easy access to the coworking office, just a short drive from the beach and parties, and a cosy bed to sleep in.

For a central, all-rounder, Outpost Canggu is one of the best coliving and coworking spaces in Canggu.

Dojo Coworking

Coworking Space
Comfortable & Various Events
Mon-Sun 8:00-00:00
+62 813 3824 2424
Jl. Pantai Batu Mejan No.88, Canggu

Dojo Coworking

Coworking Space

Any digital nomad in Canggu is bound to have tried – or at least heard of – Dojo Bali Coworking. One of the most popular coworking spaces in Canggu, you are sure to find your favourite Bali bloggers and nomads working hard here.

Located just steps from Echo Beach, it is the perfect island paradise with all the necessary amenities to make your working day effortless. If you are going to be working during your tropical adventure, then it might as well be comfortable. Dojo Bali has private and shared desks, poolside bean bags, lounging couches, ultra high-speed internet, an on-site cafe and community events. For the workers searching for a community office-feel with a more relaxed, laid-back atmosphere – Dojo is for you!

One of my favourite aspects of Dojo is their off-peak hours membership. A lot of remote jobs require you to work funny hours to match the time differences between countries, Dojo accommodates the night-owls at a cheaper rate for use of the coworking space between 6pm – 8am. Spend the day sunning in the tropical heat, and late evenings grinding away.

If that wasn’t already enough, they also have a coliving set up for those really wanting to immerse into the Dojo world! Perfect for the first-timer to Bali, you can get involved in the lifestyle right away with the assistance of the friendly working community. Featuring 4 different types of bedrooms from private rooms to private bungalows – there is a space for every budget.

Dojo is the ideal coworking space in Canggu for digital nomads who are looking for a comfortable place to work, socialise and rest.

Tropical Nomad Coworking Space

Coworking Space
Tropical & Open
Mon-Sun 24 hours
+62 812 4692 6929
Jl. Subak Canggu No.2, Canggu

Tropical Nomad Coworking Space

Coworking Space

Situated on the famous Canggu shortcut, Tropical Nomad Coworking Space is a place for the Canggu seasoned professionals. The bright, airy and spacious building offers the perfect spot to get down and dirty into your daily tasks before a night of parties around the town.

With 24/7 access, high-speed internet, comfortable desks, printing privileges and the option for private offices, the memberships are reasonably priced. For the full-time, over-time workers who need those extra hours the unlimited membership is only IDR 2,700,000 which includes both printing and Skype booth credits! A great deal!

It has an on-site cafe that serves up strong coffees to keep you motivated throughout your day, as well as healthy snacks and meals to keep you energised. Dig into tasty bites as you fall into a pool of code or type up your customer service emails – who doesn’t enjoy desk side service?

Along with the coworking space in Canggu, you also get to join the amazing community of nomads and remote workers. You can join in events with your new friends that include yoga sessions, movie nights, BBQs, share sessions and seminars. Build your brand, your business knowledge and develop into a strong entrepreneur with the help of the pros.

If you are travelling to Bali solo and will be working for the majority of your week, then I highly recommend checking out Tropical Nomad Coworking Space. You won’t be disappointed.

Kinship Studio Bali

Coworking Space
Minimalist & Spacious
Everyday 9:00 AM-8:00 PM
+62 877 8537 8176
Gg. Jalak VIB No.4, Tibubeneng

Kinship Studio Bali

Coworking Space

If aesthetics are important to you and you want somewhere simple, minimalist and easy to work – Kinship Studio Bali is calling. I can easily be distracted if there are too many things happening around me, at Kinship Studio the space is muted, little decoration and everyone is able to sit back to fully concentrate on their own work.

Offering a mixture of shared and private desks, you can pick where you feel most productive – around others to bounce off ideas, or solo away from any noise.

With affordable prices, strong Wi-Fi, free water and tea, as well as events such as yoga, sip and paint, writing classes and more, Kinship Studio will not only be your place of work, but also a place where you can work on yourself. In the heart of Berawa and one of the most popular coworking spaces in Canggu for the creative minds of Bali, Kinship Studio is a great place to base your office hours.

Finns Recreation Club

Recreational Club
Spacious & Vibrant
Mon-Sun 7:00-20:00
+62 361 8483 939
Jalan Pantai Berawa Canggu, Tibubeneng

Finns Recreation Club

Recreational Club

You must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of Finns Recreation Club. The place literally has everything you could dream of from swimming pools to tennis courts, a spa to bowling alley, so of course they have a coworking space.

With daily passes available for those who do not have a membership to the club, the Finns Coworking Hub is a great spot right in the heart of Berawa where you can finish up your emails, get in touch with new customers and join conference calls with your office across the world.

Filled with entrepreneurs, digital nomads and remote workers of all backgrounds and professions, the Coworking Hub is perfect for networking. Get to know the other nomads around town and get involved with events that could boost your working confidence and cliente.

District Canggu

Coworking Cafe
Comfortable & Bright
Mon-Sun 8:00-22:00
+62 877 8146 5060
Jl. Raya Pantai Berawa No. 9090

District Canggu

Coworking Cafe

Looking over luscious green rice paddies, District Canggu is a breezy and tropical coworking space in Canggu where you can work in comfort. On the rooftop terrace you will enjoy a cool breeze and vast views, and in the air-conditioned offices you can sit back and really power through your emails in peace.

Sitting in the hustle and bustle of Berawa surrounded by restaurants, cafes and boutiques, District Canggu serves up some of the best coffee on the island alongside tasty bites and flavourful snacks. Enjoy picking at some delicious treats as you listen to your professor lecture or join a conference call – just don’t let them hear your chewing!

Featuring private tables, shared desks, comfortable seats and high-speed Wi-Fi, you have everything you need for a successful business day.

Zin Cafe

Indonesian, Western
Open-Airy & Bright
Mon-Sat 9:00-15:00
+62 821 4506 9378
Jl. Nelayan No.78F, Canggu

Zin Cafe

Indonesian, Western

If your dream tropical coworking space in Canggu is a treehouse vibe, Zin@Work is where to head – and an extra bonus, it is free!

An extension of the Zin Cafe, Zin@Work looks out over luscious tropical gardens from its bamboo balcony. A beautifully crafted space, it is breezy, airy and cool allowing you to be able to comfortably work and get your hours in. Order up a round of snacks and coffees then let your fingers do the work. Fitted with comfortable couches, shared tables and garden-view spots, you can really get into the digital nomad tropical life.

Located close to Nelayan Beach, hop out of the waves to join a call, then hop right back in the ocean. It isn’t digital nomad life without taking advantage of the stunning surroundings.

Matra Coliving and Coworking

Coliving & Coworking Space
Spacious & Minimalist
+62 819 9909 5888
No. 1, Br Pelambingan, Gg. Rambutan, Tibubeneng

Matra Coliving and Coworking

Coliving & Coworking Space

Matra Coliving and Coworking is another of the most popular spaces for digital nomads in Canggu. Offering everything you need from high-speed internet to a bed to sleep in, you can work, relax, eat and play all in the same place.

Wake up in the morning, hop into the pool for a refreshing swim and head into the cafe for a nutritious breakfast. Join the other nomads on the rooftop or window seats and get dialed in for a productive day of work. With easily accessible power outlets, amazing Wi-Fi, comfortable seats and bright natural light, you are in for an enjoyable day.

Break for lunch and head back to your room for a nap, or get together with some of the other creatives to brainstorm ideas, and get some advice and feedback on your current work. Thanks to the incredibly friendly community, you can get firsthand feedback from the beginning of your work until the finished product.

Matra coliving has a number of different types of bedrooms including deluxe, twin or dorm bedrooms. Find the one that suits your budget and get booked in for your own private writers retreat or business holiday.

Genesis Creative Centre

Coworking Space
Modern & Vibrant
Mon - Sat 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
+62 813 3805 1930
Jl. Pantai Berawa No.99, Tibubeneng

Genesis Creative Centre

Coworking Space

Calling all creatives! All creatives – this is for you!

Genesis Creative Centre is a place where dreams become reality, and that wandering thought in your mind can be brought to life. Offering access to the most up-to-date of equipment, private studios, workshops and reliable, fast internet, you can get together with your creative pals and build your imagination into a reality.

Photographers and videographers can have access to iMacs with the latest editing software on the Genesis cheap and cheerful monthly package at only IDR 1,500,000!

As well as all the fancy technology, they also host comfortable desks and work spaces where you can grind solo or get together with colleagues.

A chic, modern and brand-new spot, Genesis Creative Centre is a must-try! It is one of the best coworking spaces in Canggu.

Final Thoughts

Canggu has drawn all types of business owners, remote workers, digital nomads and creatives to its luscious rice paddy roads, and with all these coworking spaces available – there is still room for you!

You can live the island dream whilst working with high-speed internet, at a comfortable desk and snacking on tasty bites.

With incredible amenities, benefits and discounts it’s hard to choose which coworking space in Canggu is best for you, so try them all out! Each of the options I have suggested offer a cheap 1-day pass where you can test out the Wi-Fi speed, check out the other nomads and sample the snacks. After some trial and error, you will find your new island office.

Kick off your sandals and get working!