The outstanding landscapes of Bali have EVERYTHING – jungles, rice terraces, hills, mountains and lakes!

Visiting Bali’s lakes might not be the first thing that pops into your head when you are planning your trip to Bali. After all, the island is famous for its roaring waterfalls, mystical temples, and never-ending rice fields.

Hiding in the northern villages of Bali, veiled by hills and volcanoes lay four majestic lakes.

Considered sacred to the locals, the lakes have a cultural and spiritual charm to them, as well as being a stunning sight to see.

The beautiful lakes in Bali are just as, perhaps even more, captivating than the other landscapes around. Bringing peace and serenity while taking you away from the crowds, a trip to any of the lakes is a must-do!

Beautiful Lakes in Bali

Explore even more of incredible Bali by taking an adventure to the heart of the island to see sprawling lakes!

Lake Batur

Sitting in the highlands of Kintamani lies Bali’s largest lake – Lake Batur.

A crater lake surrounded by volcanoes, mountains and a floating Hindu temple, it is the perfect spot to visit for those searching for something a little quiet, cultural and beautiful.

Only an hour away from central Ubud, you can take a day trip or spend a couple of days enjoying the chilly weather and laid-back vibe.

The holy waters of Lake Batur are believed to be home of Dewi Danu – the goddess of water. Many of the local Hindus believe the waters have healing properties, they also believe this lake is the water source for every spring and river on the island.

The floating water temple Pura Ulun Danu Batur is dedicated to the goddess Dewi Danu. Many Balinese farmers gift offerings and prayers at this temple for rich harvests.

After exploring the temple grounds, and basking in the views of the lake and surrounding mountains, you can take a trip to the nearby hot springs, dine overlooking the lake and find a relaxing spot to rest for the night before continuing your adventures around this often forgotten part of Bali.

Where to Stay around Lake Batur:

Volcano Living

+62 821-4693-9393
Jl.Toyabungkah, Batur Kubupenelokan, 80652 Kintamani

Volcano Living

Volcano Living sits right beside the water with undisturbed views of the surrounding nature and calm waters. Dip into the refreshing infinity pool and watch over the lake as the evening draws in.


Lake Beratan

Lake Beratan is located in the centre of the island, and is home to the magnificent Pura Ulun Danu Beratan, a stunning Hindu water temple.

With a backdrop of vast mountainsides and the peaceful waters, it is a beautiful place to visit in Bali for amazing scenery, some culture and to learn more about Balinese Hinduism.

The waters of Lake Beratan trickle down to feed the rice fields of the area, enriching the soil and improving fertility. The luscious greenery and fruitful harvests of the region are a result of the irrigation system.

The stunning crater lake belongs to the majestic Mt. Bratan, which reaches 1,239m above sea level. Just an hour from Ubud, it is a great getaway for enjoying some peace and quiet away from the most trodden tourist trails.

Dotted along the lake shores are restaurants and places to stay, as well as many opportunities for trekking and exploring the magnificent nature of the highlands. Experienced and newbie trekkers will be able to find a track to really immerse in the beauty of the area.

You could hop on a tour around Lake Beratan as part of a full itinerary exploring the area’s iconic spots.

Where to Stay around Lake Beratan:

Pondanu Cabins By The Lake

+62 819-3306-9590
Jalan Dajan Danu, Kembangmerta Candikuning, Baturiti, 82191 Bedugul

Pondanu Cabins By The Lake

With so many activities available nearby, Lake Beratan is one of the best lakes in Bali to explore. Make your trip an overnight stay to wake up to the magnificent misty fog that makes the lake feel even more magical and special.


Lake Buyan

A long and winding 3 hour drive from the tourist heart of Bali, Lake Buyan is a far away gem that is so beautiful it is worth the adventurous journey to get there!

Just like the other lakes in Bali, Lake Buyan is a crater lake that serves as a water source for the nearby farms.

A totally underrated spot to visit on the island, you will most likely have the whole place to yourself, maybe apart from the crowds of Bali monkeys that live there!

There isn’t much to do at Lake Buyan apart from take in the beauty and relax. You can try out some fishing or even climb a nearby hill. The scenery is simply incredible, you’ll be snap-happy during your stay to make sure you capture all the magic.

Previously connected to ‘Lake Tamblingan’, these two lakes got disconnected by a landslide in 1800s. They are referred to as ‘twin lakes’ by locals. Try out a canoe tour around both lakes for lots of local intel about the area.

Where to stay around Lake Buyan:

Boutique HotelS

For some peace and serenity, why not extend your stay around Lake Buyan? And, this gorgeous hotel will be all that you’re looking for! You can admire the captivating views, mesmerizing sunsets and sunrises from a cosy balcony.


Lake Tamblingan

Lake Tamblingan is a majestic lake that is often forgotten about from Bali bucket lists. It remains an unspoiled and untouched beauty, and apart from few locals, you won’t see many people around.

The fresh, clean waters and surrounding nature is the perfect setting for those seeking to unwind and learn more about the culture and spiritual charms of Bali. Surrounded by 31 temples, this lake is sacred for the locals that believe that the waters have healing properties.

It was named ‘Tamblingan’ as ‘Tamba’ translates to ‘medicine’ and ‘Elingan’ means ‘reminder of spiritual power’. Legends tell stories of how the waters were used as a cure when a plague that attacked surrounding villages!

Spend some time to explore the temples dotted along the shores, and bask in the outstanding surrounding mountains.

If you like hiking, local guides will be happy to take you on a long trek deep into the untouched Batukaru Nature Reserve. A jungle hike to the crumbled rims of Mt. Lesung, an extinct volcano, is a must for all the adventure seekers!

Where to stay around Lake Tamblingan:

Waterfall Rustic Treehouse Cabin

Add some more magic to your Lake Tamblingan explorations with a stay in this rustic treehouse that looks out over the most insane natural views.

Final thoughts

You might have not given the lakes in Bali much thought before. Hopefully now you added at least one of them to your Bali itinerary!

For those that seek off-the-beaten-path destinations, the twin lakes are a must-visit. The surroundings are so unexplored there are plenty of gems to be discovered. And for those that seek adventure, Lake Beratan will be the perfect getaway.


Featured image: Pondanu Cabins By The Lake