With its never-ending rice fields, spectacular waterfalls, ancient temples and magical sacred spots, Bali is an incredible place to visit with so much to see and do. It’s at the top of everyone’s bucket lists, and it shows!

During the high season the tourist hotspots are bustling with people coming and going, traffic can be pretty crazy and prices hike for just about everything.

Have no fear Bali explorers, there are still some hidden gem quiet places in Bali where you can escape people and have an authentic experience.

Beautiful Quiet Places to Visit in Bali

Get away from the ‘top places to see’ and escape the crowds to experience some of the authentic flair Bali has to offer.

If you want to find peace and quiet on your Bali getaway it is best to travel to less touristy places. Check these out!

Quiet Places to Stay in Bali

For those wanting to stay away from the usual tourist spots, these quiet places are ideal for peaceful days on the island.


Located in the far off northwest of Bali, Pemuteran is away from the island’s popular sights with a more traditional, rural vibe.

Far enough to escape from the crowds, you can enjoy untouched nature and rare wildlife in a sleepy Balinese village. It is the perfect gateway if you’re looking to explore more of the quiet places in Bali.

It’s long beach has magnificent views of the towering mountains and Bali volcanoes. Lined by warungs and with outstanding sunset views, it makes no sense why this area of Bali doesn’t attract more tourists.

Just a short boat ride away from Menjangan Island, it is a great spot for snorkellers and divers! As part of the West Bali National Park, you can spot incredible wildlife and venture around untouched parts of the island.

After days, perhaps even weeks, in the hectic south of the island, the peace and beauty of Pemuteran will be a welcome change. You’ll want to spend a few days up here to make the most of the trip and the serenity of the area.

Where to Stay in Pemuteran:

Villa Pulau I

Private Luxury Villa
Luxurious and peaceful
Dusun Sendangpasir Desa Pemuteran Kec. Gerokgak Kab. Buleleng

Villa Pulau I

Private Luxury Villa



Hidden away between the mountains and rice fields of eastern Bali, Sidemen is a super underrated place to explore in the rural midlands of the island.

Small and off the common tourist trail, it is a quiet spot with a blend of authentic Balinese culture and outstanding nature. Sidemen is a hideaway where you can stay in a luxurious resort or try out a quaint local guesthouse.

At the foothills of Mt. Agung, adventurous travellers visiting Sidemen can try out their agility with some of the top hikes in Bali. There are also some really incredible hot springs, waterfalls and easy going walks around the jungles. Immersing in nature is one of the best things to do in the area.

There isn’t a whole lot of tourist amenities in the village. If you rent a motorbike you can dot between scenic cafes and small warungs, but be careful on the winding roads!

Where to Stay in Sidemen:

Natural View Sidemen Villas & Cottages

Quiet area
+62 812-4674-7107
Wisma Kerta, Sidemen, Karangasem Regency

Natural View Sidemen Villas & Cottages




Munduk is another of the incredibly beautiful, less touristy areas of Bali where you can immerse in stunning nature and get away from the crazy crowds.

The home of coffee plantations, waterfalls, and sacred lakes, Munduk has a peaceful ambience that’ll give you the chance to unwind in tropical paradise. The cooler and fresh climate is perfect for those who want to escape the heat of the south.

When you aren’t relaxing and lounging in the magnificent nature, you can explore coffee plantations and learn more about the sustainable and ancient methods of cultivation and processing. Try out hiking around the unspoiled mountains, or visit magical waterfalls that are etched into the landscape.

You can literally forget the hustle and bustle, and hideaway in an outstanding setting.

Where to Stay in Munduk:

Ekommunity Farmstay & Yoga

Unique & Tranquil
+62 821-4795-1615
Jl. Kayu Putih - Munduk, Munduk, Kec. Banjar, Kabupaten Buleleng

Ekommunity Farmstay & Yoga




A spectacular spot for scuba diving and snorkelling in Bali, the underwater life of Amed is world-famous and should be on your to-do list while in Bali.

That being said, there is much more to the area than just its underwater activities. There are long black sand beaches with volcanoes as a backdrop, scenic drives and temples, many ancient palaces and viewpoints – basically, the area is full of cool activities, stunning scenery and friendly locals.

Stop by a local salt farm, explore the vast expanse of rice terraces and jungles, visit high-up mountainside villages and so much more!

A stay in Amed will be jam-packed, or just a chill experience on the beachfront.

Where to Stay in Amed:

Salt Resort & Spa

+62 878-5206-3252
Jalan Raya Amed, 80582 Amed

Salt Resort & Spa

Quiet Places to Visit in Bali

Want to stay in the thriving hub of Bali’s tourist spots but have moments of peace and natural beauty in-between?

These quiet places in Bali are great for a day trip to dip your toes into Bali’s amazing culture.

Visit Traditional Villages

Diving deep into Balinese culture is one of the best things to do while exploring the island. The culture and religion in Bali is unlike anything else in the world. The local Balinese, even Indonesians, are deeply proud of their heritage and culture, and will take any chance they can to teach willing participants.

During your trip, escape the hustle of the tourist spots to visit Bali’s traditional villages. Immerse in the daily life of the locals, get insights into why they do what they do for their religion and how their culture affects their day to day life.

Many of the best traditional villages to visit are in the heart of the island like Penglipuran.

If you are lucky enough to have some local friends, take them along for easy communication with the villagers who don’t speak English.


Busungbiu Rice Fields

Hidden away in the quaint and beautiful area of Singaraja, Busungbiu Rice Fields have all the magic and allure of the well-known tourist rice paddies in Bali, without those crazy crowds.

A stunning spot for picture opportunities, drone footage, getting more into the local areas of the island and getting away from the hotspots, this gem is one of the most beautiful quiet places in Bali.

Grab a coconut from a nearby warung, and bask in awe of the natural beauty in front of you.

Located here.


Munduk Rice Terraces

Similarly to Busungbiu, the Munduk Rice Terraces are located in the mountainous region of Bali, veiled between coffee plantations and jungles.

The terraces are a piece of art – towering and luscious. The sprawling landscape is incredibly magical with a mountain backdrop and endless palm trees. For another moment of basking in the magnificence of the island, the Munduk Rice Terraces are a must-go spot in Bali.

Located here.


Celuk Village

Celuk Village is one of the amazing villages in Bali that is centred around generations of workmanship and skills.

There are many places around Ubud that are focused on their specific craft such as wood carving, painting and more! Celuk Village is the home of silversmithing, with the traditional practices and skills passed down through generations and families.

Creating beautiful and intricate pieces of jewellery and souvenirs, it is a great spot to visit for picking up some gifts or designing a special piece just for you.

If you want a more hands-on approach, you can join a jewellery making class in the village. Under the guidance of the pros, you can create your own souvenir and memory of your time in Bali.


The Mountains of Bali

The sunrise hike of Mt. Batur is one of those activities in Bali that everyone knows about and has tried, at least once.

Although an incredible experience, it isn’t exactly a less touristy place in Bali.

Mount Lesung is a less visited mountain, veiled by a jungle.

Legend says, deep inside the mountain’s crater lies an ancient temple – there’s a spiritual vibe to the impressive mountain.

It is a challenging hike, with rewarding views at the top! The bonus points come as there are next to no crowds.


The Lakes in Bali

Bali is home to 4 sacred lakes that are each a magnificent spot to visit. Serene and majestic, the still, fresh waters of the lakes lure in some crowds – but not as many as the bigger natural attractions. 

With quaint little guesthouses and glamping spots around the waters edge, the lakes have a mythical, spiritual vibe.

For a less touristy place in Bali, the lakes and surrounding areas are a beautiful spot to explore.

Final Thoughts

Yes, Bali has become a super popular tourist destination. It has lead to heavy crowds, major traffic and overcrowded tourist destinations.

Between the floods of people, and across the vast landscape of the island, you can still find those little peaceful gems that promise REAL culture and natural beauty.

These quiet places in Bali are just a handful of the incredible places you can find among the crowds.

For those seeking a glimpse of traditional Bali, and wanting to bask in the scenic landscapes, make sure you keep these spots in mind!


Featured image: Ekommunity Farmstay & Yoga