Wanting to try some traditional Indonesian bites, or on the hunt for some unique trinkets to bring home to stick on your shelf?

Bali’s famous night markets are the place to find all kinds of weird and wonderful things.

The Bali night markets are hugely diverse, from never-ending rows of stalls selling locally made crafts, to busy hubs serving up local and international eats.

A traditional part of Balinese culture, you can find night markets all over the island. These are just a few of the best of the best night markets in Bali, check them out!

Night Markets in Bali

If it’s your first time to Bali, you might be wondering what night markets are all about.

Basically, they’re just shopping places filled with stalls selling everything and anything like fresh, local produce and handmade jewellery at reasonable prices.

Vendors start setting up their stands before sunset, and shoppers begin filling the walkways in search of street food, groceries, souvenirs and more!

Night markets are a buzzing shopping experience with lots of locals bustling around, bargaining and munching on mouth-watering treats.

You’ll find a surprising amount of entertainment at night markets in Bali, too! There are sometimes dance shows and street performers, occasionally even carnival rides. Heading to a night market will often be a big night out for a local family, with the kids being excited for sweet treats and games.

Bargaining is a huge part of the culture at the night markets in Bali, and can be enjoyable when done with fairness and kindness. Stall owners love a haggle, especially if you can impress them with some local lingo 😉

You’ll want to bring plenty of cash, as stalls accepting card payments are few and far between.

Not a fan of crowds? Bali’s markets can get pretty busy as the evening goes on. Arriving early will get you some quiet time and some great deals!

Best Night Markets in Bali

No matter where you base yourself on the island, one of Bali’s best night markets will always be a short walk or GOJEK bike ride away.

Check out some of the finest night markets in Bali close by all the tourist hubs.

Kuta Night Market

A regular ol’ market by day, Kuta night market comes alive after dark with an abundance of Indonesian specialities for hungry customers, and an impressive selection of stalls selling knock-off bags, lovely paintings, cosy scarves, and anything else you could imagine.

Thanks to the affordable prices, this central night market has been attracting Bali backpackers looking to secure bargains and cheap meals for years! To sample the best of the local produce, like tropical fruits, visit the market during the day, but for more of a variety of products and treats, visit between 6p.m. and 11p.m.

With a chaotic and vibrant atmosphere, a trip to Kuta night market will have your chomping on delicious bites while shopping for anything your heart desires.


Gianyar Night Market

One of the most popular and frequented night markets is the Gianyar night market, just 20 minutes outside the centre of Ubud town.

As you wander through, you’ll spot vendors selling all kinds of crafty goods like traditional Balinese clothing, cute crafts, and flashy jewellery, but food is the real star of the show at Gianyar night market.

Beyond the yummy and simple nasi goreng and mouthwatering sate, you’ll find some unfamiliar local flavours, including delights that are hard to come by outside of Bali, such as babi guling, dadar guling and so many more!

Gianyar night market differs from some of the other night markets in Ubud as it’s a little out of the main tourist area, and it’s less about selling souvenirs and more about providing good-quality street food.


Badung Night Market

Badung, yet another well-known night market in Bali, is also the island’s largest, with an incredibly diverse selection of goods for sale. You’ll find accessories, beautiful fabrics, local and international food, and flowers for traditional offerings and decorating your home.

The modern features of the market set it apart from other night markets. It suffered a devastating fire in 2016, but bounced back better than ever with a rebuilt marketplace kitted out with up-to-date amenities like free Wi-Fi and stands accepting QR payment! Not only do these additions make the shopping more accessible , but it’s an amazing example of the optimistic spirit of the Balinese people.

Badung night market runs from 4 p.m. until late every evening.


Garlic Lane

The busy and trendy Garlic Lane night market is just a stone’s throw from Legian Beach. Despite its relatively humble size, this hip little shopping district boasts a wide range of stalls offering everything, such as electronics, clothing, home furnishings, and classic Balinese collectables.

Located a few streets away from the beach, it’s a top spot for beachgoers taking a break from sunbathing.

Open from 8 a.m. until 9 p.m., Garlic Lane is a much-loved shopping stop in Seminyak.

If haggling isn’t your thing, you can take a look at some of the stores that have price tags, but you’ll be missing out on some fantastic bargains.

Garlic Lane gets a lot of attention among surfers searching for gear and equipment. If you’ve been eyeing up the hordes of people hitting the waves on the beach throughout your vacation and are tempted to try your hand at it, this is the place to get your hands on some gear.


Sanur Night Market

Sanur is a laid-back, easy-going area perfect for families, older travellers and those wanting something a little more peaceful.

At night, it transforms into a hive of activity with countless residents and visitors hoping to get their hands on some authentic food. Sweet treats such as laklak (coconut pancake) and hearty nasi campur (rice with a selection of side options) are available to enjoy in the buzzing atmosphere.

Arguably the best night market in Bali, Sanur is famed for its food and drink options but is also packed with stands selling jewellery, unique ornaments, clothing, and homeware. Prices start from as little as IDR3.000, making it an incredibly affordable place to grab dinner or to pick up some gifts for your friends and family.

This amazing Bali night market runs from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. every evening, though you can also stop by in the morning when vendors are selling fresh groceries too!


Blambangan Night Market

Blambangan Senggol night market is commonly mistaken as Kuta Night Market, which is nearby. Blambangan specialises in delicious local cuisine, and is one of the more hidden markets in the south of the island.

You’ll notice this market is typically filled with mostly locals, that’s when you know its got the best food!

Some would say it’s more like a small food court than a traditional market, but you can find lots of Indonesian specialities like sate and fresh fruit juices. Most stalls are open until 11 p.m.!

If souvenirs, clothing, and jewellery are what you’re looking for, you won’t find that here, but if you want to explore some of the most beloved dishes of the island, this is the spot for you. The budget-friendly prices will keep your wallet happy while the food keeps your stomach happy.


Kreneng Night Market

You can’t leave Bali without a visit to the busy and expansive Kreneng night market. It’s one of the bigger marketplaces on the island, set in an old 3-storey building.

Do as the locals do and browse the seemingly endless stands selling everything from intricate metal crafts and traditional clothing, to kitchenware and Balinese dishes.

Kreneng is rarely ever closed, and it’s a lively spot even during the day! Filled with locals picking up fresh produce and groceries, it transforms into a sea of colours, sounds and delicious smells as the sun goes down.

It usually kicks off at around 4 p.m., so if crowds aren’t your thing, come to grab an early dinner and have a little more space to munch on your mie goreng or bistik. Keep in mind that this is very much a local market, so many of the vendors will speak little, to no English.


Taman Sari Market

Seminyak is a hub of boujee beach clubs and trendy cafes, it’s not usually an area known for night markets selling traditional goods.

The Taman Sari market is somewhat of an outlier, selling fresh tropical fruit, colourful vegetables and fresh seafood by day, and sate and bakso, the famous meatball soup, by night.

Of course, travellers based in Seminyak will want to take advantage of the highly-regarded restaurants around every corner. When they want something a little more authentic, the Tamam Sari night market makes sampling the local cuisine easy.

Swing by the market between 4 p.m. and 11 p.m. and see local cooks whip up a storm of tasty dishes and treats using local ingredients. Right in the heart of town, it is super easy to get to!

Final Thoughts

There you have it! Some of the must-visit night markets in Bali that promise a satisfied stomach and hands full of bags.

If you are wanting to try some of the local cuisine, a night market is a great spot to do it for the most authentic flavours. Plus, you can get loads of cute locally made souvenirs!


Featured image: Bali market