How Expensive is a Trip to Bali?

Is Bali expensive? It’s the first question you’ll ask when planning a Bali adventure.  Many say it is, and save up for years to be able to enjoy the island to the fullest. It makes sense, the island has everything that every traveler from all over the world desires. But, a visit to Bali doesn’t […]

Everything You NEED to Know About Backpacking in Canggu

Backpackers, luxe travelers and digital nomads love Canggu! The nature is beautiful, the weather is tropical, there’s loads of hype cafes and restaurants, and the party scene pops off every night.  Packed with affordable hostels, lavish villas and sumptuous resorts, it is a place where all Bali visitors come together for a good time. If […]

A Guide to the Cost of Living in Bali

Ever thought about moving to the Island of the Gods for an extended stay?  There are tons of expats and non-Balinese Indonesians craving that Bali life. For living, opening a business, making money or retiring, Bali is a dream destination. The cost of living in Bali varies depending on your lifestyle. Prices for luxury accommodation, […]

Everything You NEED to Know About Backpacking in Bali

Budget travel is a must at least once in your life. Backpacking is a rite of passage, and where better to cross that passage than in Bali? The island is PACKED with all different types of activities, experiences and cultures – it’s a pretty easy and safe way to start a world backpacking adventure. With […]

11 Most Beautiful Treehouses in Bali for a Magical Stay

In Bali, no dream is too extreme. The treehouses of our childhood were rustic, wooden and unliveable, while the treehouses in Bali can be luxurious, scenic and beyond your wildest dreams.  For something a little different than the average Bali villa, you can find a hideaway in the countryside, overlooking sprawling scenery with extravagant amenities. […]

Most Amazing Places to Do Yoga in Bali

Each traveler will have their own reason for visiting Bali.  It could be to enjoy the exotic nature and magnificent landscapes, to go wild at lavish parties, surf, snorkel or dive, soak in the culture, or, do some yoga. Maybe it’s all of the above!  The island of the Gods is becoming one of the […]

Most Beautiful Eco-Lodges in Bali

An eco-friendly place to stay is not just a matter of building with bamboo, not having air conditioning or being hidden away. There’s a lot more commitment involved than that. Eco-friendly is the belief that even the smallest things can have an effect. From minor things like not drinking bottled water or using a plastic […]

A HUGE List of the Best Luxury Villas in Bali 

Everyone has their own idea of luxury. For some, a beachfront villa holds the ultimate taste of luxury. Some believe that a traditional, and sprawling jungle hideaway couldn’t be more lavish. Others love a central, modern and decadent villa. Luckily for everyone, Bali has it all! It’s easy to find a luxury place to stay […]

14 Best Surf Hostels in Bali

Surfing is one of the most popular pastimes on the island of the Gods. It does have some of the world’s most famous breaks after all!  Obviously accommodation in Bali is a dime a dozen, but the best place to stay for surfers are surf hostels! A place to share stories, skills and equipment, make […]

21 Amazing Things to Do in Amed

When it comes to vacationing in Bali, many popular places popup again and again. Uluwatu for magical sunset views from the cliffs, Seminyak for beach clubs, Ubud for serenity seekers or Canggu for surf lovers. Not very often does Amed appear in the main hit list – unless you are planning a diving expedition. Amed […]