With even the smallest knowledge of Bali, you are sure to know that Uluwatu is a beach haven with secret spots, cliffside paradises and sprawling white sand stretches.

Famous for its impressive surf waves, Uluwatu is one of the must-go places for any beach-lover or surfer.

Along the far South coast of Bali, Uluwatu beaches are picturesque, magical and often teeming with crowds.

However, stick to our tips and tricks, and you will be able to visit all the best beaches in Uluwatu without feeling like just another tourist.

Bingin Beach – Everybody’s Favourite Uluwatu Beach


Down a seemingly never ending staircase, Bingin Beach is one of the most famous and popular beaches in Uluwatu.

But, that doesn’t always mean it is jam-packed.

Thanks to the hike down the cliffside, not many people frequent the paradise, and if you head down early enough, you are almost guaranteed a prime spot.

Ideal for surfers, sun soakers, ocean dippers and relaxers, Bingin Beach features beautiful clean white sands and crystal blue waters.

The surfers will love the early morning waves, all the way into the afternoon – with high tide being the safest time for beginners, and the loungers among us can bask in the water and enjoy the line of restaurants offering fresh delicious fish and ice-cold beverages.

Walking down the cliffside you will find a lot of quaint home stays, surf hostels, restaurants and amazing Bingin villas.

You can stop-off for a quick bite before heading down to the sand, or spend the night in a beautiful Uluwatu villa with an ocean view just steps from the tropical oasis.

Padang Padang Beach – A Surfer’s Paradise

Flanked by jutting rocks, and Uluwatu’s iconic cliff sides, Padang Padang Beach is a scenic beauty that epitomises everything you could dream of for an island paradise beach.

The magnificent white sand runs for a tiny 120 yards, keeping an intimate and calm vibe for a Uluwatu beach day.

For the surfers, there are 2 very separate surfing areas – the main section has intense hard waves only the expert and intermediate surfers can tackle, and ‘Baby Padang’ to the right side of the main beach that has a more steady and controlled type of wave.

The beach’s sharp rocks can cause a dangerous hazard if you don’t know what you are doing – but if you do, then the barrels and swells are outstanding.

Spend a day lounging in the sun, sipping fresh kelapa muda from the local warungs, and stick around for an incredible sunset view.

Padang Padang gets pretty full in the evenings with locals coming to see the sunset, so make sure you have a solid spot!

Suluban Beach – Uluwatu’s Hidden Beach

If you are searching for a bit of tropical magic, Suluban Beach is a must-see.

Wandering down past Single Fin, further down the cliff side, and between intimidating huge rocks, you will find a paradise oasis.

With perfect white sands, clear waters and mysterious caves, for an adventurer it is a perfect spot.

Make sure you plan your visit to Suluban Beach during low tide.

It is the only time when the sand is accessible and safe, and the only chance to glance into hidden caves and rocky nooks.

Whether you are relaxing or exploring, keep an eye on the tide, as at high tide the waves will come rushing in and you can get trapped.

I wouldn’t recommend trying to get any tanning time here, it is more of a stop-by, check it out and watch some impressive surfers beach, before you head on to one of the more chilled beaches in Uluwatu.

That being said, it is well worth a visit!

Dreamland Beach – The Family Beach

Dreamland Beach has become one of the most easily accessible swimming beaches in Uluwatu, perfect for a family day trip – although swimming is not recommended for young children unsupervised.

The white sand, rows of sun loungers and beachside warungs make an ideal set-up for a lazy beach day.

You can enjoy a massage from one of the local workers, ice-cold drinks brought to your bed, and lots of people watching, as it happens to be one of the busier beaches in the area.

Surrounded by cliffs, and with views out along the Uluwatu shoreline, you won’t find a more idyllic place to unwind and spend some time in the sun with your loved ones.

If you are planning on swimming, make sure to take note of the flags and where swimming is permitted. It will change day to day depending on the currents and tides.

You will also not be allowed to swim out too far – the lifeguards will be quick to call you back in.

Balangan Beach – Uluwatu Vibes Without the Crowds

It’s a bit sneaky of me to let Balangan Beach into our list of the best Uluwatu beaches.

But, it’s so close by, I think it deserves an honorary mention.

A real hit with surfers, Balangan beach has all the trappings of an Uluwatu beachside utopia without the bustling crowds.

Perfect for beginners who don’t want to crash in front of hoards of tourists, and intermediates who want to battle the waves without fighting for room, it is a chill and quiet beach.

If you are looking for a place to spend a day in the sun, lounging and eating, Balangan is a perfect spot.

Famed for its viewpoint overlooking the beach and ocean from the cliffside, it is still a relatively unvisited spot with plenty of beachside cafes and warungs to keep you fed.

Karma Beach – Luxury Private Beach in Uluwatu

As part of the super exclusive and luxurious Karma Kandara Resort, Karma Beach is a place of lavish living and decadence on the seafront.

Ideal for a special celebration, the beach is lined with private cabanas, sun beds, and plenty of places to relax in the sun, or shade.

The luxury starts from the top with a lift down to the beach in an escalator from the main resort.

Emerge through the trees to views of the ocean and white sand, without the stress and sweat of walking down a precarious staircase.

Order up rounds of fruity cocktails and ice-cold waters while you luxuriate and enjoy the chilled music, and fun atmosphere.

Dip into the ocean, dance on the sand, and tuck into feasts of finger foods. Karma Beach promises an unforgettable beach day – with a lavish twist.

Thomas Beach – A Quiet Uluwatu Beach

One of the best beaches in Uluwatu for relaxing and enjoying the sun without manic crowds, Thomas Beach is an all-round favourite.

Perfect for honeymooners, families with young children, and solo tanners who want some peace and quiet, this white sand blue ocean beach is lined with rentable sunbeds where you can rest, relax, people watch, and spend some time in the sun.

Ideally located between Bingin and Padang Padang, if you aren’t sure which of the famous beaches you fancy, take a try on this lesser known spot.

Equally as beautiful, I can promise you won’t be disappointed after the hike down the impressive cliffside staircase.

Green Bowl Beach – Secluded Uluwatu Beach

Green Bowl Beach may be one of the most challenging beaches in Uluwatu to reach, with over 250 concrete steps etched into the cliffside down to the perfect white sands. But, man, is it worth it!

Named after its lush green, algae-covered, cliffside surroundings, this beach really feels like a tropical paradise where you can soak in the sun, play in the water and enjoy incredible island views.

Although you may not find many other visitors on the beach, you will come across a few cheeky Bali monkeys – so keep an eye on your belongings and any snacks you brought along! They are notorious thieves, but nothing to be afraid of.

An intimate, peaceful and magical spot, Green Bowl Beach is one of the must-visit Uluwatu beaches.

Pandawa Beach – A Fun for All Beach

Pandawa Beach is one of the most popular among locals and tourists as it is another of Uluwatu’s easy to reach beaches.

Once a hidden cliffside paradise, in 2012 a large road was built allowing for a smooth drive down to the sand.

Perfect for families, those with children, tourists who want to relax, and anyone who just wants an easy beach experience, Pandawa is a crowd favourite.

The beach is filled with reclining sun loungers, umbrellas, little sandy warungs, and spots to buy a cold drink.

You can spend a sunny day swimming in the calm waters – make sure to check any flag restrictions – looking out over the ocean, and enjoying a peaceful day in another Bali island heaven.

Sundays Beach – Beach Club Luxury

A Bali beach club so luxurious, it has the whole stretch of beach to itself. Sundays Beach Club is located below the ultra-lavish and famous Ungasan Resort, so you can expect epic luxury.

Epitomising everything that we love about Sundays – being lazy, lounging with friends and family, great food, relaxing and enjoying your day – this is where you go when you want beachside grandeur.

Featuring comfortable bean bags, sun loungers, private cabanas and cliffside restaurant spots, Sundays Beach is a perfect place to go for a special celebration, lavish day in the sun, or a day relaxing and enjoying time with your friends.

Stick around for sunset for magical views, live music and a bonfire.

Melasti Beach – Within the Limestone Cliffs

The beaches in Uluwatu just keep getting better and better.

Melasti Beach is yet another stunning beach with crystal blue waters where you can relax and hang out.

Ideal for spending a day in the sun with friends, it is an easy to reach spot with plenty of places to grab a drink.

With plenty of rentable sunbeds, warungs, and encompassed by towering limestone cliffs, Melasti Beach has all the same attractive lures as the other beaches I have mentioned, as well as a high cliff top look-out over the beach and ocean.

The winding road to reach the beach can be hazardous for those new to riding a motorbike, but, if you get through it, you are sure to be rewarded with a beautiful day at one of the best beaches in Bali.

Nyang Nyang Beach – An Empty Island Paradise

When we think of tropical island beaches, we think of long stretches of white sand, crystal clear waters, lush surroundings and, of course, a shipwreck!

Nyang Nyang is a perfect paradise with all the tropical trappings you could dream of.

Famed for its graffiti shipwreck that makes an appearance on endless amounts of influencer Instagrams, it is a beautiful spot to relax, sun soak and surf.

Close by to Uluwatu Temple, the area around the beach is still relatively untouched.

But as with many of Uluwatu’s beaches, this may not be the case much longer.

If you are looking for a new screensaver, an Instagram pic or want to make your mates back home jealous, Nyang Nyang is a picture-perfect beach.

Pantai Tegal Wangi – The Local Beach

Finally, we have the stunning Pantai Tegal Wangi.

It is one of the more local beaches in Uluwatu, a spot where you can find fishermen working from the shores, local families frolicking in the waters and local warungs.

Further out from the heart of Uluwatu, it can be a bit tricky to find, but totally worth the hassle.

Once you’ve navigated around the winding streets and local villages, you will stumble upon an oasis.

For budding photographers, and those who love to take pictures, Pantai Tegal Wangi is a magnificent setting.

Final Thoughts

For the Uluwatu newbies, or someone searching for a new sandy hangout, these are all the best beaches in Uluwatu that promise a paradise setting.

Spend a day relaxing in the sun, dipping into the ocean, and luxuriating in the beauty that Bali has to offer – with or without the crowds.

Whether you are looking for somewhere off the beaten track, or a popular hotspot, these Uluwatu beaches will not disappoint.