The coastline in Western Bali offers numerous beaches with incredible sunset scenery. These places combine the “touch of nature” with several memorable highlights and create a heart-stirring portrait that will stay in your mind forever. The spectrum is rich: from glowing clouds that drown motionlessly inside the peaceful sea to frequently visited golden shores. What is the chance of making a wrong choice?

Ready to accomplish the adventure of a lifetime? Let us tackle your curiosity with our Top-ten coastline adventures. We assure you that Bali is not just about theatrical images of a basking flare sliding through cardinal skies. What is really specific is the so-called “blue hour”: once the sun had disappeared below the surface, the sky welcomes an irresistible mulberry silhouette.

1 Tanah Lot Temple

Talking of Bali’s sunset symbols, we could not skip the historically precious Tanah Lot Temple. The breathtaking Hindu complex is located on a rocky outgrowth and stands proudly in the middle of an incredible setting while naughty waves caress its’ base. The best moment occurs with the disappearance of the eternal fireball behind it’s’ roofs-it is right then that the sanctuary turns into a powerful contour cutting the golden sky.

2 The Rock Bar at Ayana Resort

Bali offers many exotic bar settings for cocktail lovers. If you are one of those people who would enjoy a sunset in a classy, local ambience, Ayana Resort and Spa is the perfect place. Within the resort, the dazzling bar garnishes the cliff top, with a natural advantage of quartz-like sunlight appearance. It also includes a unique asymmetrical beach pool. Still not convinced? Try their cocktails!

3 Tegalwangi Beach

It may sound hard to believe, but paradise on Earth does exist. In fact, it is located just several kilometers north from the Rock Bar and tucked in between few cliffs. It is called Tegalwangi Beach-one of those you cannot easily reach and which could provide you the chance to greet alone the drowning sun inside the vast Indian Ocean. Could you imagine a better place to chill out with a good book?

4 Uluwatu Temple

Experienced travelers will immediately recognize Uluwatu as one of the six most important temples on the Bali seaside. With its’ 70 meters height, the Temple absolutely dominates the cliff. Besides the picturesque sunset, Uluwatu offers ‘local sunset stories’: there are various locations around the temple, such as the amphitheatre, where you could witness the Kecak ‘fire dance’ or make perfect photographs of posing macaques. I almost forgot to mention-It is completely free!

5 Petitenget Beach

When the road takes you to Seminyak, remember to make a stop at the Petitenget Beach. Fairly sure we could not find appropriate words to describe such beauty; we will keep to the endless sandy span and rumbling waves. Petitenget Beach is highly touristic and offers a wide spectrum of activities: all along the coast there are historical sites, lovely restaurants (for example La Luciolla) or relaxed beach clubs for party-beasts (Ku De Ta, Potato Head, and WooBar). Still, make sure you will sneak out and take a moment to observe the sun-downing.

6 Kuta Beach

The Kuta-Beach is located in the South-Western coastline. It is a pioneer-resort on the Bali Coast with a very long tradition of attracting all kinds of travelers. Tastes are different, but the treasures of Kuta are universal: soft sand, professional surf and tremendous sunsets. It is exactly this crowd and all the activities and interactions that create the ‘Kuta’ atmosphere-specific and unique for this place. Don’t worry if you are a loner-hop off the crowd and find your personal sunset observatory!

7 Jimbaran Bay

If you go to Bali and look for Jimbaran Bay, remember that the local name of this place is Pantai Muaya. The bay combines even 17 of Bali’s ‘must-see’ beaches and it’s famous by its’ seafood dishes and fancy restaurants (The Four Seasons Resort, Ngurah Rai and the refined, luxurious Sundara). All together, Jimbaran Bay is a gorgeous mix of bon appétit, sand, surf and shiny sunsets.

8 Lovina Beach

What is really exceptional about Bali is the existence of black-sand beaches. Up in North Bali lies Lovina Beach-a 2 kilometers long beauty where the sun reflects on extremely calm waves. The wonderful landscape in Lovina is enriched by very traditional fishing boats. Each day, the same as the sun, they abandon the waters in late afternoon and leave nothing but calmness behind.

9  Echo Beach, Canggu

“I went to Bali, but I didn’t see Echo Beach”-said no surfer ever! Echo’s local name is ‘Pantai Batu Mejan’ and it derives from the name of a closely located temple. Surfers adore it because it provides 180-degree ocean views and possibilities for rolling surf. Not a fan? We still recommend it! You can always escape to a seafood bar and observe the action. Be sure that at sunset all the surfers will join you for a refreshing drink.

10 Lembongan Island

After you’ve exploited the mainland, it is time for Lembongan Island and its’ main western beach-Jungut Batu. Jungut Batu is known for its’ endlessly white scenery and high accommodation standards. Down here the sun chose to hide behind Bali Mount Agung. It looks almost surreal and the best part about it is that you can observe it from literally every spot on the beach.
If you believe we’ve missed that special sunset in this article, please let us know in the comments below!